Alpha   Bug Reports

How to Post Proper Reports (1)
What the actual f**k? No connection to matchmaking (1)
Not credited for win (3)
A Big "Crashing" Bug: Alt-Tab (3)
Other Skin Bugs (2)
Map not loading (6)
Failing to join games (1)
Freezing (3)
Sako skin (3)
Victory disappear (3)
My main menu its empty (no wins, no currencyss, etc) (8)
i cant play ( 2 ) (25)
Bug in inventory (2)
Stuck on Attention screen (2)
P90 issues! And other misc things (5)
Game loading issue (9)
[IMPORTANT] The price on the steam market is not the same everywhere, we players are losing money, you too and Steam too (1)
Skins not showing/disappearing from in-game Inventory (14)
Cant get out of loading screen (9)
CHEATERS again ( 2 ) (27)
No Sound, No problem (1)
Boddies can dissappear on Beam in the map (3)
Incorrect ranking (2)
Skins disappeared from inventory (5)
Exit game taking longer than expected? (1)
Healing (4)
Issues With Knife Hit Registration (5)
Armor skins not being displayed to other players (2)
Crash on first game of day (4)
Got stuck in this part of the map (3)