Closed Alpha   Bug Reports

How to Post Proper Reports (1)
Getting stuck climbing up stairs ascending the turret in the smaller castles around the map (1)
What about these nets at pirate lake? (3)
Varied magnification level after swapping to rifle and ADSing again (3)
Can't shoot, or switch weapons after being revived (7)
Dropped in under map (2)
Clone (1)
Canceling DBNO by Med’ing at the same moment (2)
3 mans in dous (4)
Cant connect to matches (2)
Crosshairbug (6)
Sound bug? - Teammate and pulling up map (4)
Strafe shots are totally scuffed ?!?! (5)
How did he die FULLY in cover? (4)
Body goes through wall (2)
The Diagonal tree from uganda :) (2)
3 man duos bug (2)
This should have been a hit? :( (9)
2,5 shotgun shots in the face, 90 dmg? bug or succ xD (3)
Hut pallet collision issue (2)
Picking up a downed mate = instant Gamecrash (3)
Tree texture spot not rendering (2)
Getting kicked out of matched after 3-5 mins (4)
1/3 shots hit, i die in cover (5)
Reload with sniper cancels drop animation (2)
Weird angle headshot? (2)
Training mode Light FPS problem. And tabbing out FPS problem (2)
Knife animation "bug"' (2)
Switching to knife uncontrollably (2)
Crouch through walls bug (3)