3 suggestions


Love the game so far, gameplay is much more to my liking than other BR’s. Length of match feels good, controls feel good after some adjusting. I have about 50-60 games in currently. I have a few suggestions, and am wondering what others think about them.

  1. What about increasing ‘downed’ movement speed? Seems weird that I fall on my back, leaning on my left elbow, with all this fancy equipment on, barely able to move inches at a time. Maybe atleast ‘downed’ movement speed of pubg… but the pace of this game is much quicker, feels like ‘downed’ movement should be as such also.

  2. What about more cover, less open field? I don’t mind the Time To Kill, per se, but I would like some more possibility in hiding from an enemy that gets the drop on me in more area’s. To me, more boxes and bunkers and general cover would be placed more throughout a “Dome” created for battle royale.

  3. Lastly, what are these player models? In game, I don’t really have a problem, but the lobby screen… seriously, the model could use some work. If I could suggest next time you’re in the lobby screen spinning around your character, look at the forearms, why are they sticking out so much? look at the stance, why is he standing on his hip like that? Spin him around and look at the left butt cheek, yep, take a long look, why is that butt cheek all sideways and crammed up all weird? probably because he’s standing on his hip… either way, the model doesn’t really look symmetrical, and seems like that was something overlooked.

Thanks all!


Hey free,

Thanks for the suggestions and feedback, I’ll make sure that they get passed along.


I definitely agree with #2. More cover is definitely needed on this map. The map is pretty flat, so actual buildings, small huts, among other various objectes randomly placed here or there would be nice.


@MellowMike ya I was thinking how pubg added more brush/trees, which wasn’t a major adjustment, but I felt like it was appropriate.

@Ooey thanks!