4x reinstall the game, 2x battleye reinstalliert, All drivers updatet


Is this problem now fixed that the game does not crash in the loading image

Windows 10
AMD FX™-4130 Quad-Core Processor 3,80 GHz
64 Bit
Geforce Nvidia GTX750

I tried too change my Res + Render ,
Graphics all on low

nothing works ! Thanks for that !

money wasted RIP 2k18 W3ed3y !


It remains only to reinstall Windows


uff, rly, u did that ?


No, but I’m thinking about this. Probably right now I’ll start…I’ll let you know if this works


okay, thank u ! good luck !


Try ’ /sfc scannow ’ in CMD before reinstalling Windows. I mean if you think its a Windows related problem, then first try to troubleshoot the way I explained


@W3ed3y Hey there, I’m curious as to what is happening when you crash? Do you make it into the main menu or do you crash upon the initial loading screen? Also, when you crash, do you have the unreal crash reporter popping up as well?


I can start the game as normal, do training all, but as soon as I want to play solo, the normal loading picture comes, it loads briefly, and then nothing happens, a short time later I’m on my desktop without a crash report


Might be a silly question, but have you tried reinstalling the game/verifying your game files through steam?


I have reinstalled the game 4x, updated all the drivers, the game on a SSD try because I have in my pc only a HDD hard drive, it has nothing working, nothing at all


Check vid pls


same problem as shiden !!!


Are you also on a HDD or an SSD?


HDD(10 characters)


I even reinstalled windows but the problem still remains


i have a HDD, and a SSD


the only way i managed to solve this was by reinstalling windows supper annoying but it works. worth??? idk


u reinstall windows ,and the game works now ?


It worked after reinstalling windows?


yes for me it worked also i tested it and what broke my game was changing settings to fullscreen mode, if this has hapened to you and you reinstalled windows like i did (4 times :D) DO NOT FULLSCREEN…