A suggestion, an ambitious one!


i know it may sound stupid but as the player count isnt that high as of now, how about implenting more than just gungame at the warm up, for instance, if you manage to have a few small tdm/ffa maps created 10 players could easily have fun, maybe have the ability to choose weapon, time limit etc… that way youre not running round a massive area mid warmup which can get monotonous quite fast, and you would still have some competitiveness whilst waiting, i know it would be ambitious, but hey itd be great in my opinion! :smiley: never the less i love the game


Thanks for the suggestion, we are exploring different things that we can do :slight_smile:


I was thinking about how monotonous the gun-game style along with the monotonous map area in the beginning, it isnt great practice for BR since you are usually stuck with pistols or shotgun. Instead, a random loadout of 2 different weapons with random attachments FFA or TDM would be good practice.

as for the maps; how about just sectioning off randomly a place in the actual world map to FFA or TDM? helping practice in another way for the real game while we wait

again about maps; it would be a better devotion of time to work on a brand new map, the current one has monotonous assets, with its description that totally makes sense, but that isn’t enough to keep players interested.

There’s nothing wrong with it, but it would shine with several more like it, even if its the same kind of situation of a constructed arena with elements from different civilizations of earth; it wouldn’t even need many new assets, maybe just texture changes and pallet shifts for most of the new map to keep people interested

there’s also a lack of personalization of artwork in these areas, ships are plain ships, houses are plain houses, colors also shift fairly poorly