A summary of ideas


First off I’d like to say that I personally enjoy this patch and it suits me, but looking at other players and all the negativity, some things definitely have to be changed and maybe even reverted.

This is a summary of changes I think would make this game a much better experience for everyone.

New grenades:

  • Smoke grenade
  • Dome grenade (Puts up a dome in an area that acts like a shield)
  • Blue goo grenade (Covering an area on the ground with goo that slows movement speed)

Why: Cause it would be awesome :slight_smile:

No scrapping, weapon leveling with kills instead:

  • 1 kill - the used weapon gets upgraded to lvl 2 with the current upgrade sound (makes getting the first kill feel and sound even better)
  • 3 kills - the used weapon gets upgraded to lvl 3 with the current upgrade sound. (dat feeling)

Why: Scrapping doesn’t really fit the pace of this game. I personally think it’s okay, but many many people dislike it. Removing it is probably the best choice. It is never too late to admit something didn’t work out, this is early access afterall. Just look at Rust.

Add casual lobby before matches with a ready up button, without splitting playerbase (EllYouSeeKays idea)

Why: Giving casual players a more welcoming start is a must. Right now they enter a game, get tapped in the head and write negative reviews on steam.

Reduce shield strength by roughly 25% and headshot multiplier down by roughly 10-20% aswell

Why: Rn the game is too headshot dependant and hardcore.

Make pistols and submachine guns hipfire only like in counter strike, and rebalance them to fit in.

Why: Having hipfire only on pistols and smgs would add way more variety to the gunplay. It is also much more casual friendly. ADSing with pistols was a bad idea in the first place, its super frustrating and hard even for experienced players. It is the first weapon a new player gets to try out in gungame and when they spawn aswell. Making it a much rougher start than needed.

Explained further: Since many people misunderstood what I meant. This is by no means a nerf. Hipfire on these guns would be super accurate like in counter strike. You could use the mp5 and p90 on the exact same range as with current ADS, but with hipfire. Same with the pistols.

Removing squads until playerbase is stable enough
Why: Squads is pretty much a mess rn in terms of balance, and no one plays it cause of the low playerbase. You should probably focus on making solos and duos balanced and great (already kinda is) which will ensure better retention cause of less lobbies. It would also likely make it easier for you devs to balance and test, and make it perfect. Squads could be implemented and tested thoroughly later when you actually have players to test it with.
Another good thing about removing squads is that less people will join squads queue and get the “this game is dead” feeling.

Host duo tourneys
Why: Duos is by far your most fun and balanced mode in my opinion. If you want to attract new players, this is where you should start. The price pools of the tourneys don’t have to be as significant either, cause its split between less amount of players.


+1 to these suggestions



  • I think the only grenade that should be added at the moment is a close-proximity concussive grenade that blurs your screen for 1-2 seconds.
    • This promotes grenade-use during hard pushes onto someone behind cover.

Weapon Leveling:

  • Kills leveling up your gear is interesting, I really like the initial thought of this concept – BUT I am not sure if it right for the game, it would require a lot of thinking to fully know if it fits but definitely something interesting to think about. It means people that go balls-out have a stronger chip-count against those that hid most of the game.
    • When it comes to weapon progression I absolutely hate the idea of weapon damage increasing with each level-up, it makes judgement calls in end-game battles difficult.
    • (Question for someone to answer) Do you think that with [x] amount of kills it gives you an attachment for your weapon instead of looting them is a good idea? I don’t know if it is or not; 1 kill = laser sight, 3 kills = red dot, 5 kills = suppressor, 10 kills = acog. Would be one hell of different experience.

Shield Tweaks:

  • I think 25% shield reduction is a good start. Headshot multiplier, no comment on that one, just reducing the shield cap might give enough change.

Removal of ADS:

  • I do not agree with removing ADS for both pistols and smgs as it would mean that they are useless for 70% of the game. It would also increase RNG dependency on finding a rifle at the start.
    • Using SMGs and Pistols are not that difficult, if you are having trouble with these then your sensitivity is too high most likely.
    • It’s one step too far for making the game for casuals and it eliminates a crucial part of skill required to play the game.

Duo Tourney:

  • I agree with the duos tourny, it’s something that I realized this weekend as well. It just has a better feel to it.



I like the idea, but what would be the difference between smoke and dome? i’d say not much enough, just have the dome nade.

Weapon Leveling:

I dont like this idea tbh. this would just award aimgods. but this is still a BR game and there are and will always be more passive players. Especially if you want to cater to more casuals, this isnt the way to go. The scrap system needs some improvements but generally it awards both, aggressive (with killing people, drones and hunting lootdrops) and passive (just running around looting for the endgame) playstyles. right now its not balanced well enough to fit both the same way.

Shield Tweaks:

Just reduce the shield.

Removal of ADS:

Sorry but I strongly disagree. this would, as chura said, make these guns useless and feel extremely RNG. they just need to try and balance it out

Duo Tourney:

Yeah duos or trio tourney.


You misunderstood what I meant with hipfire only on pistols and smgs. I’m not talking about a nerf. I’m talking about making them as good as they are now, but very accurate in hipfire just like in counter strike. In other words, kind of a buff.


Alternative: Keep it the way it is but add a stock attachment that allows what you suggest.


I put extra explanation in the main post regarding smg and pistols.



The difference between the smoke and a dome grenade would be quite significant. The smoke would be thrown to make people not see you, and can be thrown further away with purpose. Whilst the dome nade would be thrown on your/your teammates position to give shielding from bullets. Not able to shoot through it for a few seconds. My idea of the dome nade would be that you can see right through it like the current edge of circle. Having both would add variety.

I agree with your points regarding weapon leveling. Thats why I suggested 1 kill = lvl 2. Thats something everyone can achieve. Also 3 kills for lvl 3 isnt bad if they dont make lvl 3 too strong. I’m overall fine with scrapping though, I don’t think its too bad. But it wasn’t well received by many.

As for removal of ADS I’ve edited my post explaining it more.


No need to remove the ADS function for smgs, maybe just keep the ADS but also buff the hipfire regardless.

I like the idea of smoke grenades but what purpose do they serve? The map is already designed fairly well with cover so you dont need smoke to cover your presence. It would be cool to try it though, and use them for fake pushes or as cover to revive a DBNO team mate or something.

Regarding the level-up system, I would rather there be no level-ups. It’s part of the new balance of the game that you can’t put an ACOG on an MK. If you want an ACOG then you have to use the DMR or sniper. Simple. It’s balance. Good players can already down enemies with an MK and red dot. That’s the skill gap right there working in favour of the strong players IMO.

Or, as I stated in a post a few days ago, you only get the chance to upgrade 1 weapon per game, and one weapon only. If you want more, you have to pick them up off dead enemies or drops.


All of these are interesting suggestions, though I think what we need right now is a way to actually play this game. :slight_smile:

Right now, let’s ask the devs to:

  1. Show current player counts of the servers on the main menu so it will be more obvious if you can get a game on EU or US.
  2. Change “force player start” to 5.

In the long-term, I think that the devs need to re-focus their efforts on making competitive 10 player games with a significantly reduced map size.


5 player force starts actually makes a lot of sense

+rep to you, good sir @Burt