A unique and different way to reward players


As mentioned in the roadmap, a big issue is player retention. theres little to no rewards for playing, apart from ranks and credits.

Ive been thinking about a way to uniquely reward players and keep them playing which differs itself from Fortnite or Pubg where you get rewarded with skins etc.

For you guys that played in alpha, you might remember there were a couple of “hunt a dev” events where they mentioned that if you kill a dev ingame in a certain timeframe you would get a “dev-killer badge”.

So i thought about these badges and think they could make a nice way to reward players. Players can show them off on their ingame Profile (kinda like steam profile) or maybe even scrap them like skins for credits.

Apart from showing them on the players profile, players could have a playercard (for those of you who play cod you might know it) that is shown when you kill them or get killed by them where you could pin your favorite badges.

Now one of the big benefits about that is that you can basically award these badges for everything. For ingame achievements (e.g win 3 games in a row, kill someone from further than 500m), for ranked placement in seasons, for events you attended (like an official tournament or the dev hunt mentioned earlier), for levels and many other things more.

I’d like to know what you guys think about this idea and how to maybe even further “enhance” this reward system.

Thanks for reading :slightly_smiling_face:


I like the idea of displayable characteristics but i hate the idea of badges.

I would rather have funny/goofy optional titles to go under your name for these achievements.

Say you barely move in a match and regardless of winning or losing that match the game gives you a tag under your name for your next game.

You were killed by Phandoms “The Tree Huger”.

Or if it was shroud or something it would read…You were killed by Shroud “The Aim Bot”, a tag he would have earned based off of the merits of his last game.

I know i just detoured but that would be hilarious.


THat would also be a possibility. However i think badges can be made a bit more visual and might feel more accomplished than just a title. but both could also be a thing


I mean these ideas dont exclude each other


You could get badges that unlock the titles :sunglasses: