Adding bots to fill out games


The idea is if you have a game with say less than 20 players the remanding spots would be filled by bots. This will help fill out an empty arena and add extra level of tactics, for example they may stumble upon campers, force players into combat or be a source of loot.

The bots would look and sound different to the actual players and if they kill you count as a death from ‘environment’ or whatever and killing them does not effect your score. They would be loud and constantly walking around so you would have the decision if you hear one coming close to either shoot it and potentially blow your cover or hope it doesn’t stumble upon you. They spawn with a basic gun and don’t loot themselves, but you can loot them if you kill them, also they don’t bunch together or shoot each other.

A basic Implementation I think should be pretty simple, you could buy or make an asset that looks something like this, humanoid but sufficiently different to actual players and obvious you’d have to change the texture palettes to fit in with the game’s theme:

A simple ai that tells them to wonder around the safe zone, avoid eachother (so they don’t group) and shoot at a player if they stumble upon them, I think you can get away with the ai being pretty dumb since its meant to be a robot.

Anyway let me know what you think guys.


The idea is good but the player count is only low due to Closed Alpha. In the future, all rounds will start full or mostly full with even an increased cap size (when testing phases end and early access/release happens). I don’t know if pulling resources to add bots for alpha, etc. makes sense in the grand scheme of things. They could make for an interesting game mode though or even for training (like culling).


It seems to me like you just really want a mindless bot that feeds you kills. I respectfully do not think this is a good idea. The game does a great job already at adjusting the starting safe zone to the number of players present in the match.
Creating these bots not only would take a great deal of development time off of more important development for the game, but it would also change the dynamic of the battle royale (player vs player) style gameplay this game already does so well.

The only argument I can see for this case would be if the game becomes boring and takes too long when not enough players are present, but this is not the case with the current system to adjust the safe zone to the number of players. I am just giving my perspective on it, and I give this comment with full respect to your idea. I enjoy seeing any new idea for the game since it shows community involvement and will help the game develop further.


Thanks for taking the time to reply. The idea isn’t to give you kills, bots killed wont count towards your score in any way it will only blow your cover so there’s literally no point in killing on unless you’re in danger from it or you want to loot it.

I don’t want to make this non-competitive. I only played a few games and maybe it’s better now. But when I played I found I spent the game literally running around just trying to find someone. The best strategy at the time was to camp somewhere and wait for someone to come across your path. So I guess this is what I was reacting to, but I appreciate your limited development time.


Thanks man you’re probably right


AI is really hard to do, and it would suck up a lot of development resources. The game is already buggy enough. Imagine if they introduced a completely new thing. The old bugs wouldn’t be fixed, and they’d introduce new ones. Not to mention that AI takes a lot of processing to handle depending on how smart they are. Path finding and what not would lag up the game.

The worst part is that AI just aren’t fun to play against. Even when AI are done right, they aren’t as fun to play against. PVP is always the best as you cannot make AI that resembles a sentient being.


Nooo… bots are horrible. In another FPS i play that doesn’t have many players, the devs decided add bots and is even worst, the bots have a super aimbot that is a pain.


Currently the player number is compensated by map width.
If you add bots, then it needs another features, like the bots gather items by themselves, the strength of bots and so on, and it is as time consuming as hell.


My opinion is this is a bad idea. It’s really difficult to do good bots algorithm. To do a good game is a better then to do a good bots.