[Additional Reward System] PTP, or Play Time Points


:sunglasses:(Credit to PhaNDoMs for brain storming with me.)

  • Not only is this a reward system but also a strategy to push steam chart numbers as well.
  • Time logged into the main menu is valuable, it is just as valuable as players that are in a match lobby.
    • People check steam chart numbers all the time and very often it determines if they try a game, purchase a game, or even log in during a certain time of day.
  • In ION’s case it is a no-brainer that anything that pushes the steam chart numbers up is a huge necessity.

Please note that the emphasis is on steam chart numbers, it’s not just another reward system.

The good stuff:

  • [x] amount of minutes logged into the game gives you [y] amount of redeemable bonus points.
    • Redeemable bonus points will be known as the “Play Time Points”, or “PTP”, and the PTP will reward you with extra credits at the end of a matchmaking game.
  • PTP should become redeemable in chunks, every 1,000 PTP should become 1,000 redeemable PTP.
  • Allow the main menu to have a client-side bar that fills up live as the minutes that you are logged into the game increases the bar’s progress, giving you a sense of “level-up” every time your PTP progress bar reaches a milestone of 1,000 points.
    • This is more important than a simple number counter, keeping a live exp-like visual increases the positive experience of the main menu.
  • This promotes a reward system that allows the feeling of progression for both those skilled and those with lower experience.
    • Those with lower experience should not be excluded by means of some sort of progression, they are clearly supporting the game just by sticking around; give them a high-five in the form of Play Time Points.
  • This reward system has the perks of the following:
    • Increased logged in accounts even when players are AFK.
    • Keeping the game active on player’s computers allows the game to stay relevant through out the day.
    • A sense of reward even if you are struggling in matchmaking.
    • A reason for players to run multiple accounts logged in at the same time, good for steam chart numbers, and good for sales if a price-tag is still attached to the game.
    • Designed in such a way where multiple account users or bots can allow greater steam chart numbers but cannot abuse the system to receive insane amounts of collectibles.
  • So lets talk about how we can avoid people from abusing this system:
    • Your PTP has a limit to how much it can hold. For sake of explanation, 10,000 PTP is the maximum you can work up to at any given time. There is only one way to retrieve PTP and that is by actually playing the game in matchmaking mode.
      • Of course, the number for max PTP can be adjusted as needed.
    • When a player completes their match the game will give a percentage of their PTP on top of the credits they earned from the match itself.

  • The number of PTP follows the bar’s progress, moves across as it increases. Each block indicates 1,000 redeemable PTP. Also, the graphic example is terrible, just understand what I’m going for at least.

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One thing that needs to be figured out is how to avoid allowing players to just jump into a match and auto-lose instantly just to retrieve PTP.


One thing that needs to be figured out is how to avoid allowing players to just jump into a match and auto-lose instantly just to retrieve PTP.

THe answer to this could be that the amount of PTP redeemed after a match is determined by things like, kills, time alive, placing etc.


Sounds like a good solution. It takes away from rewarding players with less skill though.

The already implemented credits/points system rewards better skill. While having both would still give the skilled players an edge on being rewarded more from both systems, the new system should be able to give reward solely based on just being active as opposed to being skilled.


If the ability exists to track other actions (looting, distance traveled, rounds fired etc.) those could factor in as components or multipliers of the PTP. If too many of these factors are 0 then any PTP gain could be hard capped at an insignificant amount. Then this system could be iterated on once it’s in place to adjust for ways that people find to farm it.


Could be enough to just make a minimum of 1-kill to receive from PTP. I mean, technically even if they throw after one kill they are still participating and giving someone a proper opponent right at the start.


That could work. My only concern comes from the fact that when starting out I had a number of games (more than I care to think about) where I didn’t get a kill. If you want to cater to lower skilled or new players, considering distance traveled or some other factor might be wise.


Brilliant! It does make sense.


Would this system not end up with higher current player counts, but most of those players would just be AFK and farming the points?


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@ChuRa yes i did. I read everything that I reply to

Why would you assume otherwise?


I think ChuRa may have been asking if you have read through the whole thread rather than just the post. Because some posts discuss your concern directly.


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