Alpha 13 Patch Notes & Dev Update 8 Video



Shooting Mechanics

  • Recoil patterns added to automatic weapons
  • Recoil “bounce” removed (the first couple of shots while ADS would return your screen to its original fire position which felt “bouncy” and made recoil harder to control)
  • Recoil decrease added (after firing rapidly there is a reset timer which gradually returns your recoil value to 0 - the recoil value before you started shooting. The length of the timer is proportional to the amount of shots fired in quick succession before ceasing fire.
  • Muzzle velocity increased substantially for less lead time and more responsive hits for the following weapons: MK18, AK47, and CX4 Storm
  • Sako85 Sniper - chamber reloads when attempting to fire another shot without a loaded chamber (dryfire)


  • Proximity looting added (also known as Ground or Tab looting)
  • Compass has been redesigned and now shows on HUD regardless of ION Helmet equipped
  • Dynamic crosshair added (reacts to weapon spread and recoil decrease)
  • Fixed regions not being set correctly for OC and SEA locations in the server menu when choosing another server location.
  • Fixed attachment nodes not indicating compatibilty when dragging attachments to weapon
  • Mute icons appear on HUD when mute is enabled


  • Skydiving air controls tweaked to allow players to slow decent and cover more distance when horizontal
  • Limbs (arms and legs) now take .75 of base damage down from .80
  • Player hitbox accuracy improved
  • Teammate arrows and safe zone marker added to compass when ION Helmet is equipped
  • 8x and 6x scopes are no longer compatible with the MK18 assault rifle

Main Menu

  • Leaderboard stats now update properly
  • Player snapshot stats now update properly
  • Last match stats now update properly
  • Post match report stats now update properly


  • Personal shield hit and hurt marker sounds added to notify shooter and shootee of personal shield hit
  • Headshot hurt marker sound added to notify player when they take headshot damage

Level Design

  • Bug fixes- mostly floaters, collision, and holes


  • Fixed character physics bug where lower arms would become spaghetti after death
  • Fixed teammate spectate being choppy
  • Fixed beammdrop beam disppearing when vewing it at a certain angle
  • Updated leg armor loot mesh
  • Nvidia Ansel support added
    Directional jumppads now indicate which direction they launch based on the angle of their particle FX
  • Fixed health and ammo count not displaying for spectating teammates
  • Fixed nanomed healing animation not playing for spectating teammates
  • Fixed boosters and grenade hotkeys in inventory not displaying the correct ones
  • Fixed weapons slots reshuffling when swapping another item type
  • Fixed death screen where it would sometimes incorrectly give you 1st place
  • Fixed some icons on map not being accurate to the POI they represent

Settings Menu

  • Customizable crosshair settings added under Gameplay tab: On/Off toggles, Color, Size, Opacity
  • Alt keybinds enabled for keyboard input and not just gamepad
  • Voice chat input/output devices are now configurable from the main menu
  • Sensitivity sliders are now configurable from the main menu
  • Toggle Map key bind added (unbound by default)
  • Toggle Inventory key bind added (unbound by default)
  • Switch to last weapon equipped key bind added (default is E)
  • Mute keys added for the following:
    Mute teammate voip (F7)
    Mute proximity voip (F6)
    Mute all game sounds (F5)


  • Further texture optimizations on a variety of assets around the level (ongoing)
  • Further polycount optimizations on a variety of assets around the level (ongoing)


How do I test the game?


You are doing a tremendous job,i’m so glad that this game wasn’t rushed. Good stuff,good stuff!


Great patch notes. Game is most certainly headed in the right direction. Very glad you are listening to your community and providing what is truly needed for an amazing game in the BR genre.

I’ve put in a request/application to assist with content creation / promotion of the game using the gaming/streaming community I’ve created. We would love to be a part of the help for this game! If any dev/pr/comm manager would hit me up, would love to have a chat. Keep up the great work!