Alpha members in the release tomorrow?


So im just wondering if i was in the alpha from the beginning top edition paid for. Tonight at midnight eastern i can just hop in and play on steam right? No wait and obviously dont need to pay again? Been busy ive missed a lot in the testing recently.


You should get an email on whatever account that you backed from. There is a new key that you will have to enter for the Early Access version of the game. The Alpha version will be deactivated.


hey also wondering i got mine i remember i got 2 keys. Gave one to my buddy does he get the game too? will i get 2 emails? Does my code work twice or is the second code a alpha only


If it’s the 2 Alpha keys from the Gold package, you’ll only get 1 key for yourself. The bonus alpha key was just for alpha alone.


Did you back via the kickstarter/paypal campaign or did you back one of the bronze/silver/gold bundles?


I got my email after I posted this lol. But ya it was the good bundle during alpha they went on sale.


What happened with my game?
pay for the game $30 and now my game disappears from steam

this game could never be played since the servers were out of service,
I would like to know what happened to my game or would like my money back.


We removed the Alpha version from steam since we are transitioning into Early Acess. You should have received a new email with an Early Access key if you pre-ordered the game. If you did not pre-order the game you will have to buy it when it becomes available on team.


Same it’s just the alpha it’s removed Bc early access tomorrow


I bought the game before even there was a game…now the alpha access was removed from my steam and i didnt got any key on my e-mail :frowning:


for some hours i lost my early acess i want to play and get the early skins … any one can help me ?


Should we have already gotten the new key? I Preordered the Gold bundle. No new key.


Are you sure you entered the correct mail? If so, contact them via Discord or [email protected] Worked for me, when I didn’t receive my confirmation mail for my order back in April.


I found it in a “Promotions” folder I never use…