Alpha Wave 16, Dev Hunt, & Pre-Orders!



Dust off your drop suits and pack up your nanomeds for another exciting closed Alpha Wave this upcoming weekend! March was a very productive month for us and we’re excited to share some of the improvements and additions we’ve made that you’ll be sure to notice during your stay in the dome this weekend. See below for dates, times, and other special announcements.

Alpha Wave 16 Dates & Times

Servers go Online: Friday, April 6 @ 6pm EDT / 10pm UTC
Servers shut Down: Tuesday, April 11 @ 12am EDT / 4am UTC

Solos is back!
Friday and Saturday will be Solos only days

Duos is back too!
Sunday through Tuesday will be Duos only days


Think you’ve got the skillz to put down the people who’ve been working on this game for years? Well… you probably do! Prove it this weekend during our scheduled Dev Hunt challenges and win a shiny exclusive Dev Killer badge! Details below.

Dev Hunt Hours
Friday @ 6pm/10pm
Saturday @ 2pm/6pm
Sunday @ 2pm/6pm

*Times are in EDT/UTC and each Dev Hunt window will last an hour in duration

Gold Armor
Developers will spawn wearing a full set of Gold Armor so that you can easily identify them. YOU CAN LOOT THEIR ARMOR AND WEAR IT YOURSELF! However, this may not be advised unless you want the challenge of being hunted down by the entire server :wink: (please note that our QA team will also be spawning in Gold Armor but they do not count as a dev kill if you take them down. We gotta give them something for all the work they do, ya know?)

Devs will appear in the killfeed with a Define Human Studios logo in front of their name.

Confirmed Dev Kill
If you take one out, you will receive a notification in the lower right of your screen confirming that you killed a Dev.

Please be aware that we are still working on adding item inventory functionality to the game. The Dev Killer badge will be added to your inventory at a later date once it has been implemented.


Pre orders available on Friday April 6th @ 6pm EDT!

You heard it here first folks, Pre-orders will be available for purchase from our online store this Friday once Alpha servers go back online. Please be aware that we have a limited number of Alpha keys and they will go very quickly once we flip the switch. So if you’ve been waiting patiently for them to become available, I recommend heading on over to before 6pm EST on Friday and spamming that good ol F5 key! We will also send out a tweet as soon as they go back up

disclaimer: we are not responsible for any broken keyboards or body parts due to F5 key spam

As always, we’re just as stoked as you to get back in the dome. But probably more so since we’re special and get to wear sweet Gold Armor sets (which you can literally pry off our dead bodies). We’ll be posting patch notes tomorrow before servers go up so stay tuned and see you in The Dome!

Patch Notes: Alpha Wave 16



Hi! are they open now?


Pre-orders will open once the servers are live.
If everything goes as planned, it will open in roughly 11 hours.


Oh! I thought it would be at 12 pm in Spain. Thank you!


Don’t bait me Ooey :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: