Alpha Wave 8 Patch Notes Discussion



Attention Contestants

Our next alpha waves are officially announced! Mark your calendars and plan accordingly, Battle Royale servers will be back up and online in July. Be prepared for exciting new information to be revealed here (and on Discord) as we near the following dates:

Alpha Wave 8:
July 6-10

Alpha Wave 9:
July 14-17

Stay tuned for more information! :grinning:

##Patch Notes
• Beamdrop event system
• Freelook
• Added AK47
Update engine version to 4.16.1
• New tropical lagoon area (taking the place of the flat swamplands)
• Reworked Medieval area, iterated on Roman area
• Foliage optimization and undergrowth adjustments
• Loot tables, loot placement, loot ratios have been adjusted
• Reworked netcode from ground up - reduced cases of rubberbanding and improved hit registration. Shooting feels more responsive
• Edited weapons firing animations, UMP specifically was focused
• Fix shooting while running
• Fixed fire mode bug
• Character animations improved - knife pose, pistol strafe
• Rebuilt streaming textures in preload, for clients using HDDs
• Fixed screen resolution issues within the r.SetRes commandline, UI implementation in testing
• Audio sliders for all audio outputs added/corrected
• Level lighting has been iterated on 5000 times
• The above caused us to delete one of the suns

Thank You for Choosing the Islands of Nyne!