Alpha Wave 9 Patch Notes July 15 2017


Patch Notes 7/15

-Beamdrop fixes
Beamdrop pods should not spawn below terrain
Beamdrop events should trigger more frequently
Tweaked Beamdrop FX colors

-Audio improvements
Tweaked footstep attenuation
Tweaked Beamdrop sounds & attenuation

-Medieval village improvements
Asset optimization pass
More interiors added to houses
General improvements to surrounding area

-Lagoon area improvements
Multiple detail passes
Interiors added to huts

-General improvements and fixes
Suppressor is now compatible with the AK47
Fixed knife recharge exploit when switching to another weapon
Fixed an issue with using number keys to switch to weapon in Gun Game
Fixed camera snap after landing
Loading into Pre-Queue doesn’t force you into Gun Game and instead allows you to spectate until match starts