An idea regarding a casual/noob friendly "warmup mode" that won't split the playerbase


I had an amazing time playing over this last weekend and have been lurking on the forum and in the Discord to get a feel for the game’s community. I see a lot of talk about the need for a mode that will ease players into the game, rather than throwing them to the wolves and causing rage quits. My idea would hopefully be fairly easy to implement from a development standpoint, as well as giving more freedom to choose how your experience as a player goes.

I would be interested in seeing the pre-round “gun game” become the solution to the current problem. Adding a ready button that you can select from within the pre-round could queue you up for the next match immediately. Until you ready up you would be allowed to just run around and shoot, getting the feel for the gameplay without any pressure. A time limit or playercount limit might need to be explored, depending on the constraints the devs/engine have to work with.

I hope this suggestion might satisfy the needs of both new players and those that fear a new gamemode could split an already limited playerbase.

Thank you for reading!

TLDR: Use the gun game as it’s own unending game mode, adding a “ready” button to queue into the BR.


This is a champ suggestion. With the VOIP within the warmup you can also use it to find players for duos or squads also.

It’s essentially a chat-lobby with guns which is dope.

Edit: Problem is, it doesn’t allow players to practice a lot of the key elements within the BR mode. But definitely a good way to start off with the close to mid range shots.


Agreed. Some sort of casual lobby with ready button would be great.


this is a great suggestion, altough there needs to be a tutorial or “howto” because palyers will queue into pregame and then be confused on why they have to click ready again.


Nice idea. It would be nice to see your own kill stats in this lobby too. Currently you can only see teammate’s kill count, which is a bit lame.

My usual DUOs lobby TS conversation:
Mako: ‘Oi mate, how many kills do I have?’
Friend: ‘16 kills. What about me?’
Mako: ‘15 kills. lol get rekt.’
Friend: ‘STFU im stuck on sniper again’
Mako: ‘N00B’