Any plans to allow more aggressive graphic tweaking?


Early on, we were able to modify .ini files to tweak graphics. This got shut down almost immediately (presumably to thwart hacks or unfair advantage). However, I had the graphics tweaked to the point where it looked so sharp it could have rivaled some of the AAA games on the market right now. I also had little to no issue with lag or performance.

As it sits at the moment, my game seems blurry and bland, even on the highest settings. Not to mention it’s extremely taxing on my CPU and graphics card (which is funny because games that look 2x better IMO run smoothly).

I understand we are in an early access stage here, but when you are trying to attract new players it’s going to hurt you way more than help you when somebody experience input lag, screen tear, other performance issues, or just overall feels like the graphics quality isn’t worth the price tag. There are FTP games on the market with better graphics and less system-drain.

I really enjoyed this game at first, but it seems with every update my performance issues have gotten worse instead of better. Now it’s become more of a headache of constantly manipulating my OS and rolling back or updating graphics drivers to get it to be playable to the point of being competitive.

So, can we expect a more intuitive graphics options menu in the future, or at the very least better optimization “out of the box”?


Of course we’ll always be looking into optimisations, it just hasn’t been a priority for this update since we need to find a core gameplay formula that keeps players engaged.

If you find any config settings that improve quality and/or performance without making sacrifices let us know and we can look at providing those options by default. INI tweaking is only frowned upon if you use it to gain an advantage e.g. by turning off graphical details which could be distracting. Sometimes the line can be blurry, as somebody could claim that they prefer the look of something that does still provide them an advantage in game. So when in doubt, don’t change it but bring it up for discussion to see if maybe we want to change the default setting for everybody.

The main thing is that everybody plays by the same rules.