Any sign of a new update?


Yoo any sign of an update or whats going on? i know you guys get this alot but seriously its been 2-3 weeks sense the last update and you guys havent posted anything on twitter or website? big time ions player who believes in the game and where it can go idk why you guys arent marketing it? its an a healthy state right now with gameplay and what not need to push this game or you guys will be like battalion 1944 who came out with a shitty game and is now trying to market it and no one is playing the game except the esports players who are competing for 50k… need updates on the game and where its going next… been streaming ion sense it came out and its gone down hill… something needs to change or hire more people to or better people who can get the ball rolling


Hotfix 1.3 was released 10 days ago


We are working on it, but no ETA yet.

The next step is to provide a detailed post outlining our near and future plans, which will give you a much better idea of what we are working on.