Any tangible effort being made? Or


…should I just throw my arms up and be done?

I’ve made suggestions and gave feedback in previous threads, largely ignored (as expected, I’m just a pleeb posting on forums), but sadly I have the feeling it’s just been abandoned, both the game and community. If they weren’t, active efforts…tangible…would have already been taken.

Oh well, got Ring of Elysium to mess around in until Blackout / CoD4 is released.


Sure we see your feedback. Head glitching is on our radar, and TTK will be addressed in several ways as a lot of gameplay mechanics around it will see dramatic changes. Anything I missed? I honestly love reading feedback threads and suggestions, I wish there were more of them.

We are a very small team compared to what we are trying to accomplish. It’s taken us quite a while to get where we are, but what matters is that we did get there in the end. I think that should afford us some credit, considering how many kickstarted projects are abandoned before they ever even see the light of day. Those who have been with us through closed alpha know that even if sometimes things take a while, we always come through in the end. We have no reason to stop now…

One reason nothing tangible has been shown so far is that we’ve spent a lot of time planning and designing new features. It sounds trivial but it really isn’t, many times deciding on and specifying the way forward is the difficult part. When you have a good plan, getting things done fast becomes a lot easier. With a small team like us, design and implementation is often done by the same people, so it’s not like in larger studios where developers are constantly implementing new features that where already designed and planned by other people months ago.


Thanks for proving nobody listens and to try and look good you use a forum search for some old topics to reply in a relevant fashion. Head glitching is none of my concern, and TTK was mentioned a long time ago, but also not much of a concern.

I know you’re a small studio, and deserve credit to what you’ve done thus far, but my focus was marketing and retention. You have a good product -right now-, and should be promoted. But as mentioned previously, there is little to no marketing at all.

Sadly with the “mostly negative” reviews, undeserving in my opinion, even heavy marketing will fall flat once potential customers see that. So unless you have some way to “reset” that, hate to say it Zenity as I can only wish you the best of luck, your efforts are not likely to go anywhere.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this game and wish for it’s success, but someone on your team…PR guy / Marketing guy…failed miserably.


I did not address that point because it’s been talked about a million times already (and it’s been mentioned in pretty much every statement we’ve made so far), so I didn’t think you could possibly think we are not aware of it. Obviously we see that sort of feedback as well and the ones in charge of it will take it into account.

In general though, right now the absolute priority is improving the actual game. Marketing can only get you so far, and it’s not like the Early Access release was a failure. If lots of people buy and try out the game but then don’t stick around, you know that the issue is not simply the price point or lack of advertising. If we spent too much money and effort on marketing right now before the game is in a better state, then we’d be dead in no time.

The studio heads will have to balance all of those aspects, and I certainly don’t envy them for having to make those decisions. In any case it’s not like anybody is just twiddling their thumb, everybody is working towards something. All feedback is considered, but that doesn’t mean that we can always do what you think is right.


“but my focus was marketing and retention. You have a good product -right now-, and should be promoted”

Cant be a good product if it cant retain players.

let em cook, Rushing it at this point would only be more of the same, Give em the time they need so when they do decide they’re ready the game a has a fair chance to survive.

We have already waited this long may as well let them feel its 100%.

Blame the alpha testers :sunglasses: (no not us).


Oh I know they addressed player retention and improving the game quite a bit. Player retention is a bit poor, something like daily / weekly quests would have been a nice stop-gap on that front. The game itself was good, damn good for an early-access. The map itself is a bit repetitive and stale but actually didn’t bother a lot of players including myself because the gun-play and every other aspect was so solid.

Take “Battalion 1944” as a good recent example on a more extreme end. They went early access far too soon, did very little marketing, and on day 1 they had up to 16,000 players. (about double what IoN had) The difference is IoN launched a good playable game, Battalion 1944…was so bad you couldn’t play at all the first day and was plagued with other problems (it had no right to go Early Access, it doomed that game)

But then what happened…they didn’t push. No advertising, no marketing, no PR at all. Just patch after patch, game gets better and better…and not one of those lead to any surmountable player retention. As of this post, they have 55 players in that game…compared to IoN’s 12.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, you need a solid player-base before pushing the larger projects mentioned in the Dev blog. You guys have a solid game already, exploit that.

  • Daily / Weekly quests: Obviously something to motivate players to come back and grind. Already mentioned that in the Dev blog.

  • Event Modes: Like a TDM or Domination modes in other FPS games using a sectioned off part of the map. (something like what PUBG does) For example “Castle Conquest” where just the castle is sectioned off, and the first squad to get in and hold a point inside uncontested for 15 seconds wins.

-Kill the streamer! : We all like to gib streamers right? Make it fun and mix it with the PR / marketing. You guys kinda did this during closed beta with the reward for killing off a Dev that was playing. Find some streamers, team up, players get rewards for killing them.

-Trial Edition: A free-to-play edition. Doesn’t allow for earning points, skins, special events, etc., just the core game. Time limit it if you feel a permanent free-to-play mode is harmful to your model. Many options here, could allow points and such…even make it the core game and make your funds with in-game skins. Lots to play with in an option like that.

-Marketing!!!: IoN was just never advertised, or simply didn’t feel like it. There needs to be some trial version as previously mentioned to get the player count up in quick fashion, combine that with actual advertising / events / PR and get people playing again.

So many times I wanted to login and play, but after checking the player count and seeing as low as 4…went elsewhere. That’s the most important thing right now is getting people playing again. You guys are aware of it, but for whatever reason seem to think it’s low on the priority scale. It should be your #1 priority and the TLDR of it…we need people to play with.

Until then, guess I’ll play around in Ring of Elysium…it’s free and has over 38,000 people playing right now.


They have already said prior to this thread and in this thread that they need time to improve the game before they make a marketing push. Pushing the game in it’s current state would be a waste because we’d be right back here a few weeks later. How or why is this so difficult to understand?

My concern is whether the small team will be able to make updates with the necessary velocity to remain relevant, especially with Blackout/BFV Firestorm on the horizon. I mean, Blackout had an update every day of their Beta addressing TTK and player count and have vocally addressed a number of other items that will be fixed by launch. That’s basically every issue addressed in less than a month. It took IoN devs 2 months to make a plan on addressing things based on our feedback (which they are still iterating on). I know, small team vs AAA studio but unfortunately that’s the reality this game now lives in. You’ve had our feedback for weeks now that would’ve improved and saved this game but don’t have resources to implement it in a timely manner.

How can IoN even compete at this point?


Best solution, probably to sell or merger with someone interested in the product. I would say simply hire more staff, but they would have done that already if it were in the budget. Maybe take the “shark tank” route and sell off a piece to get some funding.

Pushing the game in it’s current state would be a waste because we’d be right back here a few weeks later. How or why is this so difficult to understand?

Returns. If they can pull a positive on a short term push, maybe it helps with playerbase, but if they net positive on sales while doing it that helps fund the studio as well.

Or, depending on cash flow, maybe not having players keeps their server cost at a minimum and can spend the cash elsewhere.

But sadly the time to push it was before EA. Many other games there were not nearly as polished as this was at the time did much better. (and some worse)

Anyway I’m really just beating a dead horse. I’ll check back when it goes 1.0 and hopefully I’m dead wrong about everything.


Im sure they can financially expand but doing so overnight would probably do more harm than good.


if this was the case why is this game that should be f2p so damn expensive honestly with these problems you shouldn’t have charged any one closed or even open beta if you cant get this game right hints why no one plays this game. listen to your damn beta testers or you games will come out trash like this game is now.


To me the game is damn well good enough to warrant an actual cost. True, they would probably have a solid playerbase still going if it was F2P, but not every game can do that.

Not to sound condescending, but if anyone can’t afford $25.00 for a good game there are other issues in their lives that should probably take priority.


I just dont get how you guys dont get it…

If people that invested $25 left it high and dry what makes you think that people with less of an investment would be more likely to stick around?


Think you completely missed the point. I even advocated for a F2P model. Just saying that people who think $25.00 is expensive for a good game have other priorities they should be paying attention to.

IMO this game is worth the price, but F2P would get people back in and that’s fine with me.


Ohhhh my bad.

Dunno about F2p though, i liked not assuming that everyone that killed me was cheating lol.


Wow, just checked feedback on Steam. Overwhelmingly Negative. Thats the kind of PR that buries games. It’s done. Kept holding out hope, but there’s no coming back from that no matter what they do.