Anyone else got closed alpha acces package on kickstarter?


You are the reason games like H1Z1 have a terrible community. The Alpha tests are to help develop the game, not so you can get good before hand.

The idea is to help shape the future of a game if you choose to participate in early access/alpha/beta/etc. Comments saying people are asking stupid questions, and not sharing thoughts because you couldn’t care less, is a terrible attitude to have towards a game, the community, or another person.

Obviously you can do whatever you want, but from an outside perspective, I can already see the posts from people like you saying " GAME SUCKS, DEV SUCKS, REFUND, " whatever it may be, but this is why companies tend to not allow public early access. Bugs are going to happen, hackers will be there, and your damn leaderboards are the LEAST important thing for this game anytime soon. Ask DayBreak how catering to everyone’s little demands is helping the gameplay


He doesn’t understand how this is all supposed to work, nor do most people who signup for early access/alpha testing. They think its just some early access to a finished game, when it’s clearly to help Develop and fix the game as the developers work on it.

These types of people are typically very rude, selfish ( In Vladimir example, his comment about leaderboards being present, and getting good before release is priority ) and will immediately bash the developers when a bug comes up, instead of submitting the info and helping them fix it. It’s sad, but your arguments towards him are a waste my friend, he doesn’t care unless it’s benefiting him personally



Honestly, your behavior doesn’t help to fix the issues. Please do not make posts picking fights.

If you have an issue with people who do not actually test the game in the testing phase and try and use it as a head start in order to be better than others instead, that is fine. However, calling out names and starting arguments on the forum is not. Especially when the thread is so old. If you have an issue with a member on these forums, please either handle it via PM with that person or message a Dev.

Starting fights does nothing to improve the community.


Oh, wasn’t starting a fight


No worries. Let’s just keep it civil. Or at least. Let’s try haha.


Yeah I’d like an update too lol. Still waiting on that email with alpha codes!