Are the ausralian servers populated enough to play full matches?


Hey I recently bought games like totally accurate battleground and cuisine royal and stuff and just cannot find a game in Aus servers. Considering this is an early game I was just wondering if anyone knew if the Australian servers were populated enough to not have to wait 30 mins or to even get in a game in general. Thanks for the help im just curious cause i don’t wanna buy the game if i have to play on other servers with like 200 ping.



On reddit there are people mentioning that they can join games instantly in any queue in OCE. Since matches are short and require less players (10 minutes/50 players) you won’t have any problems finding a match (as of now).


The ping is good but there aren’t enough of us to get even a half lobby.

I’ve played since day one and i only have about 40hrs played in game because i literally spend the majority of my time sitting in que waiting for more then 3 people to join.


I’m based in australia but its been 3 weeks i havent played in that server. Before 8pm local im playing on NA till the population gets EU located around 9pm local.
The ping is definitely not an issue though, i wont teleport and never died because of the lag.


When it first was released you could get games in any que due to the low player count needed.
I havent been able to get an oc get for ages stoped trying and was playing on na.
NA seems to be full of aim nerds because i seem to get 2 shot in the head from any range on it so have stopped playing.

the game overall feels way less laggy then pub g but i think the only people playing are proper nerds so makes it hard to have a fun game.