Blackout comparison feedback


TLDR : More criticism.

Just thought i would post some feedback after digging into Blackout over the weekend. Firstly i thought Blackout was great , I also though ION was great.

Blackout doesn’t come without its own faults though, It does alot of good things but so does ION and neither really nail issues that they both share.

  1. Landing phase : Blackout has multiple mechanics you have to nail to get the perfect drop, it feels smooth and offers as much control as ION does without that awkward superhero landing. Dropping in blackout is just far superior.

  2. Loot : I feel like ION is still in a good spot when it comes to loot, Blackout is stuffed with guns but at the end of the day there isn’t a gun in Blackout that fills a role that an ION gun doesn’t. It has more variation and does attachments well which is something i expect to see in ION at some point plus i kinda prefer having just enough guns over an abundance of them.

  3. Vehicles : Blackout offers 4 vehicles a Boat / Light helicopter / Quad bike and a Truck with a flatbed. Honestly im not sure ION needs these…Would be nice to see a light air vehicle im not gonna lie though.

  4. Gunplay : ION is king here, Partly due to bullets being so fatal but everything from the hitscan to projectile system IOn uses all the way to the handling of the weapons…ION is more refined here. Mastering a weapon feels like a thing in IOn and not so much in blackout.

  5. Armor : Tied…Neither Blackout or ION can get this right, simply put ION doesn’t offer enough armor and Blackout offers way to much. One of these devs is gonna eventually meet in the middle and figure it out.

  6. Map : This is IONS weakest point in my opinion and this is a conclusion i came to only after playing blackout, Before then i didn’t mind it but all the landmarks in Blackout just give the map so many layers of complexity and there are even dynamic events going off left and right…yeah this is something i hope the ION devs pay more attention to and hell even steal an idea or 2 because when its right its just right.

  7. UI Blackout has a console friendly UI…It sucks.

I wrote this because i feared once Blackout/BF BR hit the market there just wouldn’t be any room left for any other BR but after digging into what i considered a great BR in blackout i can still see ION not only existing but shining in its own right once the transition to a more sci fi friendly game happens.


Thanks a lot for the feedback. I really appreciate it and for the most part I’d definitely agree with it and pretty much all of these points are on our list of things to improve on.

What did you think about the perks in CoD, since it seems to be one of their core features, but you didn’t really mention it. Would you say it adds to the game or doesn’t really matter to much?

Also for the map. Blackout does a genius thing where it takes these deathmatch maps, that are really thought through and that big teams have already put really hard work into and just combines a bunch of them into a bigger map.
A lot of what makes the current map in Islands of Nyne is still placeholders and even if I can’t disclose much at this point in regards to the map and what’s to come (I hope I will be able to soon), we’re definitely in a much better position now to improve a lot on that aspect of the game. At the end of the day it does make a difference if you have a AAA-Team like Treyarch with a big levl design department or in our case just me to work on the map.


Ohhh yeah, The perks…

Great idea i just didn’t like the way it was executed, The perk themselves were for the most part useful or game changing but the way treyarch worked them into the looting system was tedious.

In a game where you have to loot Meds/Guns/Attachments and Ammo having that extra perk system to worry about was just too much, specially in a game where you cant really move when you loot bodies.

In honest i only payed attention to 2-3 perks like Looter which highlighted loot (even through walls) and sound altering perks that either make you quieter or made you more aware to the sound of footsteps.

I used perks throughout all phases of the game But…Thats because i felt i needed to and not necessarily because i wanted to, I dreaded activating perks which i felt could take up to 6 seconds for certain ones.

The dream perk system for me would let me activate these perks from the location of the perk and not have them be inventory items that slow things down.

As for the map i totally understand, treyarch is one best teams in the business and i lose track of whats final and what isn’t in ION but its just a reminder that the stakes have been raised lol.


Okay, yeah I felt the same way about it. The idea to have them was kind of interesting or at least to support some more specific play-styles in general, but the way they went about it didn’t click with me and a lot of people I’ve talked to about it.

I appreciate you sharing your thoughts here. There’s surely things to learn from Blackout in both directions what to do and what not to do and we’ll definitely look into it :slightly_smiling_face:


What they did with the asylum in Blackout was kinda what I was thinking would be a cool addition to IoN. I am referring to the addition of some AI elements by adding zombies into the BR. I think IoN would be much more interesting if it had some type of alien lifeforms that you also had to worry about in addition to other players.


What about creeps in the woods or something like that! and a “boss” that gives you loot


There are the drones already. But the addition of smaller drones in larger numbers could provide a additional challenge. Perhaps have them drop only scrap for the upcoming scrap mechanic? They could also function as a roving challenge for players to either avoid or engage in a risk vs reward challenge.


Please dont bring in perks, they are way to OP in blops.
you cant plan for shit in blops theres way to much OP shit.

if we want to play an unbalanced game for kiddies we will play blops.
hopefully if we want to play a competitive game we can play ion?


Noooo. Lol I’m sorry, but in a game like ion there is no place.