Bolt action riles needs to auto reload


When you shoot a bolt action rifle the game should take you out of ADS and immediately bolt it for you. It is an unnatural feeling having to do it yourself when youre so used to it naturally happening.


Hey UltimateAce,

Thanks for the feedback, i’ll pass your request/suggestion on!


Not if you want to gauge where the bullet goes and the drop. Either ADS needs to stay up while reloading, or some delay to let the player spot their shot.


Other games have a simple fix. You just hold down left mouse button instead of letting it go and it will keep you ADS. That being said there is like zero bullet drop in this game so its a little less necessary


I second UltimateAce. Pull the bolt back automatically, but only after you let go of LMB


Thank you all. I have been feeling the need to mention this as it’s unnatural having to release LMB and RMB and then RMB/LMB again. On a side note, I do enjoy the auto-ADS, meaning after jumps or reloads-it is REALLY nice.


I actually hate the auto ADS. Sometimes when im reloading i want to reload and quickly get into a different position (same with jumping) but the game auto ADS and my momentum and speed is just halted. I think the only time you should ADS is when you press the button to do so. Its a lot less jarring to ADS than it is to stop an ADS, especially for people on the toggle ads


Hit a pretty nice snipe shot on the weekend and I can tell you: starting at around 300m the bullet drop is noticeable - and I mean REALLY noticeable.
However, below 200m there is no reason whatsoever to aim above your target, that’s right.


@UltimateAce O, you’re using toggle? I have everything default and it’s hold to ADS. Default settings are well done IMO, only game I haven’t changed a thing. But I was thinking, say, pubg where if you’re jumping and try to lean or ADS you have to just spam the buttons till it lets you whereas here you just hold right click and as soon as you land you ADS.

@fillindus While servers are down this week I have been in the training tab trying to get a feel for spray and drop. Their training section is unmatched! It’s a really awesome feature and I’m getting 150FPS at 1440P high settings while in it.


@FortisProcer Yeah i have gotten used to toggle. I think for hold ads it is alright for it to jump straight in because you can control it a bit easier and just hold it down through the jump so the game knows you want to ads after. but for toggle i think you should have the option to turn the auto ads on or off.


I had gotten used to toggle as well since that is default in PUBG with hold being “aim” but I was told to switch it up such that hold was ADS and aim was not even an option and it ends up being far better and a lot more responsive once you get used to it.

You should def give it a shot, it wouldn’t make sense for them to incorporate an auto ads switch since if you didn’t un-ADS before you jumped one should assume you’re going to want to ADS after you land. And in PUBG it’s not even a feature so that automatically makes this game better, whether or not it’s difficult to get used to.