Bought the game and now it's dead. Why?


What the title says.

First of all, I like the game, really. That is why it hurts even more to see it in such a state.

So, this is what is bugging me:

  1. Why is there apparently nothing being done in order to increase the player base? Or why, if there actually is something being done, is it not working?

  2. Who really thinks that writing a post with a roadmap will help that? And why is it taking 10+ days to write it?

  3. Why are updates so slow? 3 weeks for a few bugfixes? How many people are working on this game?

I am pretty sure every single player left has similar questions in mind. Answering on the steam store page would most defnitely help inspiring trust in players or potential buyers.

At this stage, you have nothing to lose.


Please first inform urself what EARLY ACCESS means.
The game is not finished yet its still in developement.
Its not intended to be advertised in its current state.
This should answer all of ur questions.


Thank you for you reply but what should EA have to do with my questions? Also, EA should not blindly prevent and/or deflect any criticism. You can’t just dismiss everything as in: it’s EA, don’t you dare, it’s not gonna be like this in one year!

I know quite well what EA is (shame on you to think otherwise) but let’s sum it up.

First of all there are the “magic” words:

“If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development.”

by which you could just tell me: get out of here and be back when it’s finished. But I don’t think this is what a developer wants, when he distributes an EA title.

Then, from the steam store page, ION EA is:

The game is not finished.
It will remain unfinished for approximately 1 year.
More features on roadmap.
The community should be involved throughout the development.
Current state is considered to be more polished than other EA titles.

Nothing more, nothing less.

So, no question answered but let’s go over it again, maybe from other points of view.

  1. The fact that a game is in EA should not prevent its marketing. And by marketing I don’t mean lifesize ads on streets and buildings. This is because if a game has 50 to 300 active players in EA, how is the “community” supposed to help or even be involved? I hope you are aware that, out of that number, real active players giving useful feedback are only a handful. This is by nature an amibtious game (requiring lots of players in order to pack 100 or even 50 of them on the same map) which requires completely different numbers, as far as I’m concerned.

  2. I really can’t find an explanation to question 2.

  3. If updates don’t come more often, without giving the public the impression that there is actually work being done (I’m sure there is, but am I really?), the active players will keep decreasing. Then we get to the point when it is time to actively advertise the game, but let’s be serious who is going to play this in one year at day one, considering the competition? As far as I can tell, only the players that have already been hooked to it during EA and possibly a few more peekaboo freaks and pros.


|1| Im not a marketing expert, but i dont think its professional to advertise a unfinished product to a wider audience.
I think many people just want to play and dont want to inform themselves about the background of the game, its not advisable to advertise the game to them, because, as u wrote yourself: they will leave and give negative rating.

And as for the game: u can still test most of the mechanics, even if u dont get full games.
If the developers need full games for testing, they still have the opportunity to ask the community or give a bonus for joining such an event.

This game is still in a early phase of the release cycle. It was just opened for everyone. This was only the first step. If the game git gud - people will come.

|2| Since release on 12.07, there where 3 Updates


Taking into account that its only a small studio, the updatefrequency is acceptable in my eyes.

These updates where marked as Hotfixes, so we can expect larger or gamechanging updates in the future. Just wait a bit, quality needs time, no need to rush here.

|3| As i already pointed out: there already were already three patches released in one month … and if you look at the past patch notes (alpha) u cant see how big their
patches can be.

That this game is more competetive than othes and therefore has not such a big playerbase than casual games is not a problem of marketing, but lies in the very nature of the gamemechanics.
We just can hope there are enough players who like the challenge, can take a loose and are ready to push themselves to the limit.

Im also just a player, but i hope i could clear up some things by explaining my point of view.


8-9k @ launch to below 300 players.

Whats the point in advertising right now? So you can have a spike in players and be right back here 7 days later asking them to invest into another push for another week long spike?

Let em address the games retention problem. Doing that will set up ION to be self sufficient once they actually push the game allowing the devs to add content/features that the community wants down the road.


You could indeed and it definitely sounds better now than before.

I have just a few remarks:

  1. Marketing/advertising are complex concepts. In fact, my first post didn’t even mention these words. I am just concerned with the small numbers of players (about 58 right now, peaking at 152 in the last 24h… let that sink in for a while). I don’t say go on the streets and I don’t say partner up with popular streamers. But one could go for free weekends or steam sales. You can also see that as a form of advertisment, if you want, but at least one would still advertise it as EA. Fact is, 20.99€ at the moment is too much if you are looking for a larger player base. And why wouldn’t you?
    And who would even consider buying and refunding, if in 2 hours you can play just a few games (and only solo) due to the long queueing times?

  2. Having a small team still doesn’t prevent one of its member from writing a half detailed roadmap, which should already be there for them anyway! And ok, the alpha update notes are much larger, but should that mean that now there are less things to be fixed? That could also be true, the game runs well for me (I’m not here spamming FIX FPS lol) and I don’t really experience crashes or game breaking bugs. But it’s true, no need to rush. I just think that writing/updating more often, like once a week, would make Nyners play more often (I just made that word up). Maybe reduce size and increase frequency?

  3. I do want to believe what you say is true, that it lies in the mechanics. Time will tell.


@Offline I understand what you mean but could you elaborate on the game’s retention problem?


I mean…We know it exist just by looking at the numbers.

Alot of players and the devs have said that the game lacks sandbox features (different routes to victory), Some players tie “sandbox” to vehicles or hard to attain loadouts. I can see it as adding non lethal weapons/grenades/Stims players can use to extend fights/escape them or overcome poor odds.

Ultimately it would just lead to more choices in how a player decides to play the game (rather than the 2 styles people lean on now…Bunnyhopping in the open or camping behind a tree).

No idea how the devs plan to tackle it but we do know they’re working on addressing it and if they nail it then ION can certainly catch a second wind.



I agree with you, although I would just leave the word “sandbox” out of it. The game does lack features, plain and simple. But that is normal due to EA and we need to wait some time before having a wider range of gameplay approaches and combat solutions. There is nobody to blame for that, we could open another thread regarding wether it was positive or not to go into EA “so soon”, but that is not my concern.

I just don’t think that lack of features is the only reason for potential players not having intererst and/or current players losing it.

I think the first category is still being kept away from the relatively high price tag (considering EA, of course).

The second group, well… I think it’s a chain reaction. Once you can’t easily jump in a game and enjoy yourself you lose the drive and go play something else. Playing lobby gungame for a while is fun but, after you’ve cycled the 2 sets of weapons a few times, you eventually get bored.