Can we please replace the DBNO system with a simpler revive mechanic?


Many battle royale titles have adopted a variant of the BDNO system. Basically, players that take enough damage to drop bellow zero go to an incapacitated mode where they are not quite dead, but without help will be soon. While the system is not bad (and it’s clear the devs have put a lot of effort into coding it into the game), I think that a system of this type clashes with the overall flow of ION. I’ve summarized some of the issues with a DBNO type system below:

From the killers’ perspective:
-Sick kills (or in this case knocks) aren’t quite as satisfying
-Unnecessary down time killing an already knocked opponent for loot

From the perspective of the killed:
-Frustrating experience being certainly taken out of the game
-Greater emphasis on reviving teammate versus outplaying opponents
-Less incentive for players to keep playing the game when their friends have been eliminated

In any game with a high skill ceiling, one can win a fight, even against all odds, if they are good enough. However, with the current DBNO system, not only does each teammate’s skill mean less, but those that do manage to clutch have less incentive to keep playing once their teammates have been eliminated.

The advantages of having an elimination system, but allowing complete teammate revival are as follow:

From the killers’ perspective:
-Sick kills are as satisfying as in solos mode
-Kills counted as kills (no kill stealing or revives-cancel-knockdowns nonsense)
-Unnecessary down time looting downed enemy eliminated (and a bit of ammo conserved)

From the perspective of the killed:
-Being eliminated is less frustrating
-Gameplay for disadvantaged teams becomes centered around clutching rather than praying to Gaben one has enough time to revive (players have more options, making each fight less predictable)
-Players at a complete disadvantage can still clutch and save their whole team if they are good enough (thus rewarding better players)
-Teammates can more easily loot other fallen teammates when in a pinch and make 4 vs 1s a bit “fairer”
-Teammates can pick up healing items without knocked players having to drop them

Though a revive system may seem a bit too forgiving, the one significant advantage of having an unlimited time to revive has a few drawbacks to balance it out:
-Eliminated bodies cannot move to cover until after they have been revived (rewards players that use cover over those that run about in the open and adds risk to players that try to stick a revive)
-Revived players have to pick up all their loot before heading to cover
-Enemies that reach one’s eliminated body can quickly loot it to turn the tables (rewards better team coordination)
-Teammates can claim a few items as a fee for saving friends (rewarding better players lol)

I really like ION, and a big part of that love comes from the gun play and the nostalgic feeling of playing a CS title. Thinking back to playing CS:GO with a few buddies reminds me of the few but immensely satisfying moments when one of us would clutch against some ridiculous odds. That feeling of hope that, despite how bad the situation seems, one can sill win of he or she is good enough.

Because ION was designed for those looking for the hardcore battle royale experience, it also suffers from a perceived lack of accessibility to new players. As things look right now, the squad and duos modes seem to be the best avenue to attract new players. I believe that changes such as these that make the game more forgiving while simultaneously rewarding better players will not only add to the appeal of the game, but help differentiate ION from its competitors.

At the very least, combining the current DBNO system with a revival straight form the dead system would provide be a huge improvement. (Maybe only large nano-meds can revive someone that has been completely eliminated???)

Also, repealing the DBNO system would also remove that bug in solos where eliminated players hover in a knocked state for a moment.


I’m so sorry; this turned out longer than I planned.


Ok, I have to admit it took me a while to fully understand what you are talking about (you should have opened with the concrete suggestion :wink: ).

If I understand you correctly, what you are suggesting in particular is that:

  • Downed players are essentially the same as dead, and cannot be “finished”. However you get the full kill reward.
  • Dead players can be revived at any time by teammates.
  • As a side effect you drop all of your items when you get downed, which are now exposed (so they can be stolen) and you have to pick them up again after you are being revived.

This would of course mean that both our “crawling while downed” and “use sidearms while downed” features would become obsolete. There are a few other potential issues with it as well.

The revive system is something that’s due for some change though, and it’s always good to think outside the box. So thanks for the suggestion, it’s definitely something I will keep in mind and mull over!


Giving you more to mull over:
Once the player is downed it could go K.O. (fully incapacitated and possibly blind or very blury vision) for a short period of time before grabbing his pistol and being able to crowl?
If shot again could go KO again but wouldn’t die.
Then the KO is a low priority target and when downed you dont pray a hundred gods that you don’t get butchered but only rely on your mates.


Lets just give everyone 9 lives.:roll_eyes:


I would actually like to see a different revive mechanic too. Look at how battlerite royale does it, it forces people to go to certain revive spots and forces new fights. Something along these lines would probably make for some very interesting gameplay + people that get taken out still maintain a hope that they might be able to come back to life and participate again.

Definitely something to consider.


I like the revive method, but everything can be improved. I would like to see a slight speed increase of a downed player.


Could be interesting if the BIG nano allowed for ressurection from complete death. Or two of the small ones, although that would take longer as you’d have to do it twice.


…one final note. Do make the downed player lootable for all. This is practical for teammates and could lead to some interesting situations between downed player and enemy.

  • loot and leave to bleed
  • loot and kill
  • loot, only to find downed player suddenly draws pistol…