Cant get out of loading screen


Hello team… i bought the game but when i join a game i get stuck in the loading screen… and sometimes i get into the game but way too late… my fps is fine ingame… but i just cant get ingame 90% of the time because it takes too lobg or i get a message like „battleeye client not responding“ please help me guys!


There is no fix yet, devs have to patch it


Do you know the problem ? Im not the only one with this problem?


Pha… heck no you are not the only one… 50% of us have this problem or atleast similar to it.


Yes, it’s happening to a lot of people, both high and low-end PCs. There’s something really weird about this bug. They’re looking into it, for sure, but we have no temporary fix for it, even though some people suggested to defrag and move the game to the disk where Windows is installed. Nothing worked here as well.


same for me. super super super annoying and no fix yet… kinda sad honestly


There’s a patch incoming in the next few days. Let’s hope they looked into it and found the source of the problem.


let the devs make some more money with skins, then they’ll be set to help us im sure of it :smiley: :smiley:


Alright. Um. Still a problem 6th august…