Can't play the game! Need help!


Hello! So from july 12th to like july 30th the game ran fine for me but randomlly it started using 100% of my disk and my frames just go for 150 to 3 to 7 to 5 to 150 to 3 over and over and this isn’t spaced out its fast the game is so choppy I can’t even play, every loading screen takes 2 minutes or more. Not sure what happened, see nothing on the forums, tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Have no other issues on other games. :confused:


Is there a battleye window open in the backgroun, it might mention some blocked file(s)


Battle Eye is running yeah. Not sure how I’d unblock the files, maybe verifying the game cache or something.


What does the window say? Can you copy and paste the info into here for me?


I mean when I go into programs on my task manager(It sits open on my second monitor while I play) I stare at it while watching the FPS counter at the same time. I thought that’s what you meant like does it open BESERVICE in my Task manager! Anyways I have 2 screen shots I took while opening the game a few minutes ago. This is new to me now I can’t even load the game up correctly!

Picture 1:
Picture 2:


Hmm, this seems to be an issue for quite a few people, the devs are looking into it already, but the more info we have on this issue the better the fix will be :slight_smile: could you submit it as a bug report here: Be sure to upload your most recent log file with it, which can be found here: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\IONBranch\Saved\Logs