Can't run after throwing the knife


Happens consistently every single time I throw the knife (using mouse 2). Afterwards, as the knife is “respawning”, I cannot run (using shift) or switch weapons. It keeps being in this state indefinitely even after the knife has respawned. Only clicking mouse 2 again to charge up a new throw fixes the issue, and I can run/switch weapons as normal.

My friend I play with in duos does not have this issue; he claims he can start running instantly after throwing the knife.


Greetings kosaku,

Thanks for the report. We’ll do some internal testing and see if we can figure it out!


Just as an update (and correction), I noticed this only happens if I have mouse 2 on toggle, and I was able to switch weapons. So, perhaps it’s intended? It just feels more natural that the knife throw would reset the “ADS state”, since the animation for holding the knife up ends.


Any time a reload happens, ADS state should be reset. I have died because of this bug more times than I could count.