Can't shoot, or switch weapons after being revived


We believe this bug happens while slowing blood loss (for me, that key is “w”) and being revived at the same time. After being revived, I could no longer switch weapons, throw the knife, switch to weapons or meds or grenades. I could, however, still access my inventory and drop everything for my duo partner. Whoever this bug affected, basically became bait for the rest of the game.

I have hours and hours of this last wave’s footage, and it’s happened to me and my buddy at least twice that I can remember. I can find it if you want, but it’s just us complaining :wink:


A fix for now is to down the bugged player, and revive him again.

EDIT: (Friendly Fire is on)


Honestly we tried this and just wasted a med.

(Edit: this was before we knew not to hold down the slow blood loss button!!!)


Hey Sin,

This bug should be squared away before the servers come back up again.


Lol, it happened to me Monday morning. Maybe the next time servers are on?


Not that it matters now, but the temp fix was to drop everything and pick it back up again. It cost me a couple of wins, but hey, that’s okay :slight_smile:


Well that don’t help when you’re getting shot at!!! Lol. Nice to know now though if it ever happens again.