how is a whole team of cheaters operating in this game? Is this what we have to look forward too? Im done if thats the case, these guys are one shooting every game Im in, bann them please let us know and ill return, if not expect a bad review and losing a customer.


im moving around between plat and diamond and i do not witness alot of cheating… you will always have cheaters in game because there will always be people that can’t stand losing.

I grind pretty hard and with around 100 hours ingame i have not witnessed a single ‘obvious’ cheater.


dude there have been kids sitting in one place wiping out everyone on the map, have over 100hrs and am on na server.This team has at least 2 cheaters in it they have been on alot, this report was not for your opinion its for a mod to look at.


Hey friends,

Just stepping in here and I am somewhat confused? Caliburn is a professional competitive player and B2TL is a competitive team. He most likely shot you in the head if you died super fast.


I was also wondering what proof the screenshot was supposed to provide?

Now i’ve seen clips of players wiping out multiple people in the space of a few seconds, those look a bit suspect but this…this just looked like you got killed by a real good team…it happens


Sorry to say, but damned cheater already taken over this nice game.

CU on next update […]



N3 I have yet to run into a cheater…


I never saw a cheater. Maybe just good precision?


There are cheaters in this game, though there aren’t that many.
To prevent further cheaters and to keep this a skill-based game like the devs said, there really needs to be a region lock otherwise this game will die out to the hands of Asia. When I first started playing there were very few, but they’ve done nothing but increase. I hope these devs are able to learn from PUBG’s many mistakes and region lock them.


It would be perfect if they add a list where one Player can add a feedback what gets added to the list and the community can upvote it. Same for bugs, upvote the most annoying bug.


This game is full of cheaters specifically aim bots…please man cmon while I have no doubt there are plenty that have wicked skills…these one shot head shots while moving and jumping around…wayyyyyy to often. It is sickening I love the game but cheaters ruin everything.


For real, I didn´t even got one.


I think it could be seen as more of a problem with headshots being too easy to attain. Thatd just be my opinion. :unicorn:


I see wicked potential in this game I thing the Pace, Premise, and layout are awesome. I just feel that more needs to be put in to be competitive, and on the cheat subject I agree with the “To easy to attain”, but also there is blatant cheating. As with PUBG they are losing players weekly because of the same issue.

Let me amend this by saying The cheating mostly comes from Asia.


I played now 70hrs and im diamond II and met no single cheater! Maybe its just a good player or sometimes lucky player. Dont blame it on “cheating” all the times. Often they are just good players. Just keep going and report the players you are 100% sure he is cheating but dont blame everyone that hes or shes cheating cause you was killed… :wink:


yeh because a good player can deagle every one from over 700meters wake up kiddos most pro players a re cheaters on most fps games !!


So, how many matches did it take you to actually find a cheater?
How many guys did you accuse of cheating without solid proof?

Do the math yourself.
“Most pros on most fps are chaeters” - that statement just shows how much butthurt is involved.
Trust me… not even 5% of players you call cheater, are actual cheaters.

However, you took the time and effort to make a topic about it and at the end actually provided proof for a guy you caught cheating.
So thats a + for you. Thanks for that.


Thanks for the report on that guy @EBO


i dont say nobody is cheating i said be careful with the call out of people cheating. Maybe someone did a lucky shot or is just good! The Statement that most pros are cheating is just a lie. When you played in some kind of pro esport you should know that. that the guy with deagle over 700 metres is hacking that is for sure i agree but thats what i said when you are 100% sure report him like you did thumbs up for that!


Exactly it. Last thing you want is a witch hunt on a presumption. Just goes downhill from there.

However, like above, evidence like that is perfect. :unicorn: