There’s cheaters in all online games, battleye has been staying on top of it pretty well.

If you ever catch evidence of one, and want to report it, this isnt the platform. Use our form as it dishes out to a db for us to review quickly.

Appreciate the help, and together as a community we will continue to track these fools down!


Good job @EBO. It is refreshing to see the Dev’s actually respond to your post, and act upon it. One year of PUBG, and they’re complete lack of response to their communities concerns, it’s refreshing to see that this company is at least paying attention.


I am starting to see a lot of instant flips and perfect aim as well. I have many hours in many games this is starting to be a problem for us even in early access. The unreal engine is hack-able and youtube can prove that is one search. Nyne need to rage against hackers or this game will die before release. I am actually going to be taking a break from nyne because of the instant death problem I sure as hell hope Nyne gets a handle on this or the Dreams of being a true competitive platform will die early.


A second thought:
How are we supposed to report hacking there is no kill cam to speak of and there is no way to spec your killer… at this point it is prime picking for hackers there is no way to prove any misconduct.


Hey @Bolderdash,

We currently have a form that players can fill out and attach videos/screenshots of on our official Discord server in the reports section. You are also more than welcome to DM me on here any time it happens.

I think so far that we have been pretty successful in the fight against hackers due to Battleye and player reports.


A form and video/screen submission? You have one situation that can catch some one hacking: long distance shots…if your lucky. you cant tell a hacker unless you can see their cross-hairs. I am sticking to my decision to take a break.
Once you have a better system figured out I will consider opening the IoN page on my website. Its hard to take a break I do love IoN, but insta death 6 out of 10 fights doesn’t feel right.


Hey Bolderdash,

There are not many hackers in the game. I can assure you that BattlEye does an extremely good job at catching them. The form and video/ss submission helps us crosscheck any bans as well as check for any particular cases that BattlEye may not be catching.

If you are insta-dying it is more than likely due to getting shot in the head.