Closed Alpha Update


We understand the frustration everyone. We really do. Please understand that we are working all day, everyday to get ION out as soon as possible and with polish. We are not a large team by any means and things take time. We delayed the alpha so you all would have a much better experience when it releases. It’s more important to us that everyone has a smooth experience on release, rather than rush and have lag, crashes, bugs, etc. I hope everyone can understand this mentality.

@Dendroth We will absolutely do right by them. The amount of patience our community has shown is incredible and we know we have a huge responsibility to them.

@DUBv_NRx Our latest update is here: Dev Update #4 and contains quite a bit of information on our progress.

@bloodman92 We have tried to make it abundantly clear in our updates the reasons for the delays. In our latest update here, we cover what we are improving on and cover the issues our Pre-Alpha testers have encountered under the Netcode and Studio Growth sections. On top of that, we also cover the features we want to have implemented by closed alpha so you have a much better experience. We don’t ban people for asking questions. If you would like to discuss anything with me, please send me a PM.


@Define_Tolton first off thanks for replying that is more along the lines of what i enjoy and want out of devs when they are working on a game more so since its a kickstarted and we as backers clammer for progress and updates the small team aspect i can respect and put some weighted breathe too when it comes to certain things. On the whole though small team aside kick starter games with deadlines and promise dates as i call them personally have been nothing but let downs in the past years. I did follow and read the update but from my viewer and insight to looking and inspecting the clips and the words that went with them it was not very reassuring in my eyes as those clips could have been recycled and same for the screens and coding. Maybe i guess with my experience with following development and even being part of the process as a paid tester and a pro getting to work inside the process hands on for certain things. I have higher standards to updates and want video feed back devs to show faces and come out and say them selves the issues and how to tackle them. As a whole i commend you all but for early backers its time to produce and for late backers they are backing thinking whats the point and where is my money going. Your game was meant to save and retool the BR market, but as time keeps passing you begin to sound and feel like daybreak and a few other studios who have hurt us and the market. Battlegrounds with their betas free keys giveaways and open access for everyone to devs bug reps and personal time to talk to the devs pr reps and other people to fix bugs make a great game its sounding like a better deal and making backers upset bitter and worried about their investment and the future of the game through delays and other things. Thanks for responding and holding a conversation with me vs me getting yelled at and banned on discord by the goons and blind backers who dont want educated conversation and questions to be asked


Just ignore them, main mistake a dev can make is rushing a game for release and have it rushed without any kind of testing. From what i have seen you’re going the right away atm.


we get the dev update 4?


I do not spend much time on here, just check in every now and again to see if any updates. novel does seem to be letting this shit go to his head, in other words he is abit of a prick imo.


Jeepers creepers, fella’. A little punctuation goes a looooong way. :slight_smile:


In his defense… He’s doing his job… Which is to moderate. He has to ensure that a set of standards for this community are met. It should be pretty well known that the language and context of the conversations should essentially be PG. Currently, I am very active in Discord and have seen all the conversations of concern. Despite the way it was handled, I for one am glad there is vigilance in addressing this toxicity. So while you may say he is a “abit of a prick,” I would commend him and the other mods for that matter, on getting this level of unhealthy/unproductive conversation out of here.

So many people have these, (IMO), ridiculous levels of expectation. You’re asking what is an extremely small development team to divert their attention away from the main focus of the issue here, which is the development progress, just to address each of your individual concerns. They want to showcase a good product for your investment. In order for them to do that it will require them to focus solely on the development of the game. Why is it necessary for you to be updated on the development progress every day, or every other day, or every week? That’s silly to me. There has been no indication that they are going to take your money and run, which seems to be the sentiment for some of you. If anything, it’s quite the opposite!

Please! I implore you to exercise more patience and prudence in your posts. It’s when you show a lack of these that problems arise. The mods are there to rein that in. So, when you’re asked to stop, take a moment to reflect at how the likelihood of your commentary is unproductive and having a negative effect. I, for one, have seen so many game communities become a cesspool of negativity and toxic behavior. Let us mold this community into something better than the rest.


finally someone else who agrees with me thanks for the support and pointing out what i been saying man just watch your self the ban hammer is strong


its the internet bro would you rather i use emojis and middle fingers Kappa


so when your asking questions and wanting to speak to the devs and calling someone a pleb for being bad at h1 and ruining a game is worth a ban or not agreeing with him and his goon squad pinkgasum and all them yeah thats fair bro having an off topic convo about how people are shit and have bad internet in h1 is a real big problem for the swj and cringe community i guess


I believe this has run it’s course. I am all for discussions and questions about the game, but insulting moderators and other members of the community is not allowed. Nothing is being achieved from this discussion, it’s time to let it go and move on.


great cut of. Can we say hopefully before may the alpha out or no details at all?


Just want to say that i completely agree with the philosophy placed forth by the design team. Games nowadays are put on the market with a ton of bugs, lag, and crashes with patches coming at a later date. I think it will be refreshing to have a complete game at launch rather than a thrown together half made game. My only complaint as a pre-alpha tester is that i am not allowed to stream the game on twitch. I respect that you don’t want to show the game yet but man it kills me that I cannot broadcast gameplay. -_-


Let me give you a prime example of what the developers are trying to avoid, for a good reason.

Remember that game Conan Exiles that people were playing like 3 weeks ago? It was first and second most viewed on twitch, for a few days. Players experienced lag, desync, server issues, exploiting, you name it anything to pull away from a smooth experience. Well now it’s basically dead, the game lived and died in a very short time, it’s got like a couple hundred viewers, and most of the player base has moved on. Just like that, GG.

So now maybe you can understand the reasons for their itinerary.


I got you man. I understand. Hope i didn’t sound like a ass voicing my want to broadcast the game but i understand.


Its perfectly fine.
there are other games that havent taken the time needed to do what is right.
and we all know what thats like with a certain game that rhymes with smaitch-1-ziech-1.


Anyone know if there will be destructible buildings like being able to shoot people through wood doors, thin walls and fence type stuff?


I’m checking everyday for some happy news… I hope that it will be released soon… but please continue as you’re trying to do, provide us a game without lags instead of releasing the game too early.


It’s closed alpha… Not sure why everyone expects finished game in alpha stage… I mean it’s not even beta… Who cares if alpha has bugs, ofcourse it will have bugs, not expecting bughs in alpha stage is retarded.


I would love this! Great question.