I have been a part of this community for a long time (since May last year) and have loved watching this game grow and get better over that time. I have been watching all the comments regarding this game and what people want to see and, as the title states, it’s communication.

I know the road map stated some things regarding this but as with a lot of things it has been a while and nothing. Some little things that could help with this is some little teaser videos. For example, Tomble has a new POI/adjustment to map and do a fly through and a little shootout within it. Or if you have little successes why not share it through social media and let your community be excited with you. Even if it just something small and insignificant like drones not continuing through the ground or something big like finding a source of major FPS drops and finding a solution.

I also think you need your community managers actually connecting within the community. I very rarely see them chatting and if I do it is just a quick hello and off again. Not having “Official” staff around passing on information looks a bit unprofessional and having “community mods” do that sort of work seems to leave a bad taste in peoples mouths as they are just as much in the dark as everyone else. It keeps a lot of the info more official and not just, essentially, a community member who don’t get much respect in the discord.

Thanks for reading and please comment to add more or to ask questions.


Hey Punchy,
I appreciate the post. I can’t really give you an official answer, but personally I am trying to get back into hanging out in the discord a lot more and answer questions as much as I can.
The past weeks have been rough and I am not gonna lie, everytime I joined the discord and see what’s going on it was dreadful. Every message sent would get jumped on by people frustrated with the playercount and going as far as to even just start to personally insult mods, devs and each other.
Now that the discord has calmed down a bit though and constructive discussions seem to take over I’ll make sure to be more active and also hang out in general voice a lot more answering questions, which is all I can do.
I hope the devblog gave you a little of what you are asking for. We are definitely making an effort to have more of these and give more of an insight of what’s going on behind the scenes.


The game does need player retention, like mentioned in the blog post. But retention doesn’t include getting new faces to play.

The game needs marketing, something your team failed to accomplish. (early access is no excuse) Along with those retention features your team should push a heavy ad campaign. Sponsor some streamers or Youtube channels. Do some heavy paid boost posts on your Facebook and make sure to set demographics similar to the CoD / CSGO base.

Right now “Blackout” is going to be your main competition. Granted there are good differences, and snipers in Blackout seem pretty lackluster, but that’s the same target market you’re going for.

From what I’ve seen, very little has been done to market the product and it’s been mostly word-of-mouth / hype.

Ad campaign + sponsorships + FB boost + Free Weekend + retention patch, all in one go if you hope to get that player count up and held.

Now if the studio doesn’t have the funds to do that (and I’ve heard things are ok in that aspect) then it’s just done. Find a new job sadly.


Thanks for the reply Tomble. The Dev blog was a great step in the right direction. What would be cool would be a little update weekly on how everyone is going with what was outlined in the blog. For example The team have worked hard on Mystery Feature X and we have started testing with our QA team or The team has worked hard on MFX but have come into some bugs/balancing issues.

You are one of the more active Devs in the discord and I thank you for coming in and answering questions. It would have been pretty hard reading all the comments regarding a game you have put so much time and effort into creating. But I have seen what you guys can do and can’t wait to see more of it.