Crates problem


I had a problem. After purchase, crates do not appear in inventory


I can’t even load lol. Sorry for you but at least you can play. Is it worth I think ill refund?


@iTechGaming Please stop hijacking other threads.


G’day @DarkHunter,

I believe there has been a bug appear which the devs are currently looking at -there has been a few report of this. However, you might be experiencing something slightly different.

If in doubt, feel free to give some basic troubleshooting a shot and see if it resolves your problem:

  • Restart/Log in and out of steam.
  • Restart game.
  • Disable and re-enable steam overlay (Run the game inbetween, just to be sure). (Ensure steam overlay is enabled in the first place too!)
  • Verify game files
  • Run in Administrator

Let us know how you go! :unicorn:


My BP returned to the original count.
Problem solved. Thanks for the help