Damn i miss ION


Im at the end of my rope with Blackout and the fluctuating ttk/Concussion spam/Fortnite shotgun meta/20hz servers and the sorry endgame implementation.

It was a cool filler though.

But uhhh, We’re a little over a week away from this Ftp weekend…where are the hype videos?

Remember these…

These actually sold me on buying ION and it would be pretty cool to get something (even if it isnt reactions again) to watch in anticipation.

Also can someone tell me what we can expect in that update? I been following the roadmap updates but i didnt get the vibe that all the new stuff in testing was ready to be implemented.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: Just noticed the trello link in the ftp weekend announcement so ignore my last question.


i miss ION too

i like bo4 but…its not the same feeling…

after thousands hours in PUBG i cant playin it anymore…
hope ION can reborn with the free weekend

hope hope hope


This game can do it. just needs to keep improving… bo4 has way too many op garbage items (dead silence, awareness, 9bang, cluster) in it to ever be as competitive as this game. After 1k hours in pubg, it just never improved enough for me to stay in love with it. But we do need full lobbies…

idc if they have to re-release it 4 times with new updates, eventually this game could surpass the fotm br’s once it’s more developed.