Dropping in mega late?


Having an issue which has been making it hard to enjoy the game at all… Did not happen to me last week, but this wave it has happened about 50% of the games I’ve played, here goes:

I join a game, instead of being in the gun game lobby waiting to play, I’m already falling from the sky, 3 times my team has already been on the ground, with gear, and when I land, I see gear, but can’t pick it up, and my team mates tell me they’ve already looted that building and can’t see the gear I’m talking about, even though I see it plain as day with tool tips and all… AKA I’m falling in late. Twice I have dropped in, and had 2 or 3 of my team mates falling with me, only to land and be instantly mopped up by a squad who was already on the ground and loaded up.

This is only happening when I don’t see the gun game lobby, and just go from load screen, to dropping in. It makes it hard to enjoy the game when I’m starting my fall from the sky 15-20 seconds after other players… and the second you hit the ground, you don’t even get to move 2 inches before you get killed.

Is this a bug? or intentional?


your probably filling in a low population server…


That doesn’t explain me seeing loot that isn’t there anymore.

And if that’s the case they need to stop that from happening, I’d rather sit in a longer queue than die duck hunter style because the game is dropping me in 15 seconds after everyone else…


Hey Gnormy,

Thanks for the report.

What are your pc specs?

Since you didn’t have the issue last wave, I would also recommend trying to delete your saved folder and try to run the game in borderless mode if you haven’t.
Saved folder location:


Thanks for the reply,

Specs are i7, gtx 1050 ti, Im usually one of the first to load into a pubg game, and last wave I was always one of the first in the gun game lobby. Once in game I’m getting 55 to 70 frames on average while streaming and 60 to 75 when I’m not. I am running boarderless and all my settings are on low.

Ill try deleting the save file and see if that does anything.


looks like I’m not the only one this is happening too. Saw it happen on a couple different streams this morning.


which i7? i7 alone says nothing…


The i7 is a 6700. I can promise my system isn’t the problem. The matchmaking is allowing people to drop in late to help fill servers, I’m not the only one this is happening to… And then when we get on the ground, already looted areas appear untouched… My average pubg load screen is 5 to 10 seconds tops. My average load time for this is over 2 minutes.


Are you on an HDD? That is an issue that we are battling with on the backend at the moment.


I dont have this problem, so your system is gonna be the problem…


I have also skipped the gun game lobby and been sent to the sky immediately after the loading screen, and a few times without a team. Although I have never had the further issue of not being able to pick up guns.

-Intel® Core™ i5-6600K (4x 3.50GHz/6MB L3 Cache)
-NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 - 6GB graphics card.
-1TB Hard Drive – 32MB Cache

If i experience this issue again in the next testing I’ll try following Ooey’s advice and see if it persists.


I just had the same thing happen. It does not happen often. I hit the ground just before the first supply drop (the glowing disco ball) touched the ground. I saw it from the air and tried to land on top of it.


This is what happens when you load into a game late. Has been happening to me since the 1.1 hotfix. I am on an HDD so I know I don’t have the fastest load times. I’m explained what happens in a bug report on a separate thread I will go find it and link it here.

Hmmm I can’t find it. Anyway what happens is your character will drop with everyone else in the server and go straight down. If you happen to land you will stand still as if afk until you load in, once you load in your character will disappear and you will be taken to the top of your drop. That being said I haven’t had a problem picking up things, though I have had issues with the inside assets (tables, chairs, and pickups) not loading inside a building right away and have to wait a few moments.


glad to hear that this is being worked on. Keep up the great work guys


Im also having this problem, my friend and I will duo and he will get into the gun game then drop normally. As for me I don’t drop until 20 seconds has passed and hes on the ground already dead or looted. I do not have an SSD but that shouldn’t be a problem since that’s only supposed to enhance the games load in not make it playable or non-playable.


  • I7 4790s
  • GTX 980
  • 12g RAM


The games load in is exactly the issue though. You are loading in after your friend already drops. So while an SSD might mitigate the issue I believe this problem would be resolved after the game is optimized more.