Early Access and Beyond


can’t wait to see more of IoN. You deserve so much more active players <3


Fix the loading menu. I can’t play since 3 weeks ago


The idea of free to play was adressed inthe sense that it would just cuase players to play the unfinished game and never look back, once more gets added it may be something to look into


This is a common problem for right now, one solution is to get an ssd (mush faster loading) or wait until things get optimized but waiting for optmization will take a bit whiel things get sorted out


Nice. Looking forward to some of the changes. Hopefully we can get some low-population game modes at some point.


Being a part of a community of developers who interact with the community and their supporters is unique in a world of corporate video game industries that have infinite resources at their disposal. So let’s be honest here, these guys developing ION are on point. I believe this game has massive potential. I also love the mechanics of the game play. I am excited to see the two new maps. I am also excited to see the new weapons especially the alien ones that would fit this theme perfectly. In addition I am excited to see the utility advantages and options that will give new strategic gameplay keeping it interesting for those of us who enjoy more than pointing and shooting. And vehicles? Come on, that’s just icing on the cake.

In all honestly I am definitely not the best player in ION. Maybe it’s because I’m always about a few drinks down of Jack Daniels. But I get my kills, I sneak in some dubs here and there and I absolutely LOVE this game.

I for one will continue to support you guys. I will continue to play. I bought the Alpha and I will buy upcoming releases if necessary. So just let us know when you have the new servers up with the new builds. I would be happy to jump in and continue to enjoy the ION experience while giving whatever feedback that I can.

Keep up the brilliant work.


No, the problem that I have is another one. I have the game in ssd
The game does not load the menu, before I could play normal. I already exposed the problem here. It’s not a hardware problem


Awesome. Actual thoughts, goals and explanations from a developer! All sounds good!


I have that problem sometimes and I solve it using vpn, check with new windows local account, good luck!


Great roadmap. Glad to hear that you won’t be shutting down. Great ideas, I like you’re plan to up playerbase.


This games great but this game will 100% die if it doesn’t go to a free to play model.

Its literally dead in OCE, you can get a half lobby after 8pm NZT till about 11pm then its completely dead.

I’ve logged into the game over a hundred times and ive been the only person in que for hours, it NEEDS to go free to play or it WILL die, i know you guys have just said that playerbase won’t kill your game with your small team, but it will die, within a year if something isn’t done.

I don’t get what people are talking about with FPS issues aswell, it works perfectly fine on my pc and i don’t even have a top tier pc (100+ fps, max graphics etc).

Please change it to free to play so we can actually enjoy the game, just smash out a billion skins people love em’ they’ll buy em’ you’ll probs make more money then you currently do anyway.


This game is a lot of fun and I really hope more people get on board with it. One suggestion I could make that might help make it completely different from every other game would be to add some type of AI. I tried this game called Dead Alliance a while back and I thought the concept was really cool even though the game itself wasn’t all that great and the developers kind of bailed on it. This is one thing I have not seen in any br game do yet…where youre not only in danger of other players, but also being threatened by some other type of creatures too. I know fear the wolves is making an attempt at this but It did not have the amazing gameplay of IoN. That might be something interesting to consider.


i love the game and I am excited for it to improve.


Left out needing 12 gb of ram or I missed it lol