Early Access Patch notes - 1.3


Hey everyone!

We’ve rolled out another batch of fixes that should address some of those fun edge-case bugs such as your character getting stuck or involuntarily turning into a suicide bomber when swapping from a primed nade. We’ve also added in some QOL improvements such as making the console key (~) toggleable and keeping your mouse locked to the game window when in window or borderless mode (this one was annoying, we know). Voip is back :muscle: and I should also mention that we’ll be rolling out another small patch sometime soon which fixes the p90 reload ammo bug and disables kill trading.

Having said that, after the incredible amount of pressure and time constraints this team has been under for the last few months prepping for EA (welcome to game development!) we are finally able to take a step back, re-assess how we can improve studio operations from a macro-level, and most importantly, address some of the core gameplay issues we’ve been tracking based on your feedback and our own experiences. We have a direction, we have tangible goals, and we will be working hard on reaching them. Please know that these things don’t just take a couple of weeks to fix and your patience will be required here. I’ll be posting more about these issues in addition to a roadmap of sorts in the coming days. Just know that we’re incredibly excited about what’s to come!

Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several collision issues around the map that would get players stuck

  • Fixed a bug where people could use a jumppad to get on top of the ancient forest trees and sit on them

  • Fixed unequipped primed grenades blowing up in your face

  • Fixed not being able to jump though a few windows in Mansion

  • Fixed attachments dropping when picking up an attachable one in the event that all attachment slots are full

  • Fixed double key binding for squad voip default ‘Y’ key

  • Fixed right click ‘spectate next player’ action not working

Level Design

  • Added more loot spawns to Monument, Crater, Colloseum, Hill Ruins, and Garden locations

  • Expanded the Garden location

Gameplay & Misc

  • Re-enabled Voip (!) (NOTICE: any racism or abusive language will result in a ban)

  • Added new items M9a1 | Nebula Meltdown and M1014 | Biohazard to the item store, replacing the expired ones

  • Greatly improved server performance right when players land at start of match. (occasionally players wouldn’t be able to pick up items for 10-30 seconds)

  • Tweaked rank thresholds for a more even spread

  • Reduced announcer and drop-in music volume

  • Added more final safe zone possibilities

  • Added a setting to enable/disable the console key (default ~ key)

  • In-game interfaces now keep the mouse locked to the game window

  • Added Indoor sound volumes to Rome buildings

  • Added “Gamesparks unable to connect” message

**Update Added screenshots of new in-game store items:



About time, great looking patch though, and looks like a promising patch to come.


I am looking forward to not get stuck in the walls of Villa, LOL ! LOOKS LIKE AN AWESOME PATCH!


Reduced announcer and drop-in music volume



Nice! I’m looking forward to a roadmap so we can all see and look forward to even more improvements :slight_smile:


Nice update.
Hope you guys will lissten to the community.

Hope you guys give all the people who bought the game a extra gift or something if you will make the game Free-to-play any time soon.

PUSH for it before the game is fully dead.


Sweet! So far so good.

I have a question about skins: Are they actually limited time? Like will these carry over into the full release and not be purchasable again?


Nice! I was floating over to COD BO4 and other FPS’ers but I think I’ll jump back into ION. Players have been a little low lately however. Still a game I would love to see evolve. Thanks for all the hard work Devs.


nice work for 350 players LOL, i feel the first bugs


mouse lock not working, for borderless anyways. kept flicking out of my main screen but switching to fullscreen fixed it