Early Access Patch Notes - 1.4


Hello everyone,

We’ve rolled out a small but significant patch that should cross off most of the remaining high-priority bugs on our list. I’m sure a lot of you will be happy to hear that we’ve finally patched up the infamous “P90 reload bug” which actually wasn’t such an easy fix as we uncovered a few other issues with ammo and reload handling along the way. After going through several iterations, the system is now far more reliable. In addition to that fix, the issue concerning jump pad audio and the inability to hear other players using them has been resolved. This fix ended up being a bit more involved than we thought, so patching this one up is a great relief.

We’ve also made some welcome adjustments to plasma stage and prequeue times. While it’s never a good thing when lobbies don’t fill up completely, this has given us the chance to make some improvements that specifically affect games with small lobby sizes. We’ve made a number of tweaks to the prequeue which should result in matches starting faster and requiring fewer players. These are just quick fixes ahead of more significant prequeue improvements that are in the works. We’ve also tweaked the dynamic circle system to move much faster when few players are alive, especially when a match starts with a small number of players already.

Finally, now that we’ve patched up some of the more critical bugs on our list, we can shift more of our focus towards the substantial improvements and juicier features on our roadmap. We’re busy putting the finishing touches on our design specs for them and will be rolling out a dev blog going over some of them in more detail in the next few days.

Stay tuned!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed gamesparks error showing for new players without a loadout

  • Fixed jump pad 3p audio! YAY!

  • Fixed reload bug.

  • Fixed being able to trade after getting downed. (Still rare chance it could happen if using a pistol).

  • Fixed not being able to bind the DELETE key.

Level Design

  • Fixed fort misplaced building.

Gameplay & Misc

  • Improved voip audio (NOTE Might want to turn down your voip audio settings)

  • Reduced drone HP.

  • Shortened prequeue timer and reduced minimum number of players for timer to start, from 15 to 10.

  • Tweaked plasma field timings and safe zones for lower player numbers.

  • Reloading while aiming now applies hipfire sensitivity while the view is zoomed out.



thank you for the plasma field timing fix, unfortunately for me i sill dying behind the walls due to high ping, big part of the community of South America he has leaving the game because they are bored of dying behind the walls because they do not want to put servers in SA


Glad to get an update, don’t let the bad comments let you down !


Thanks for the update.

I have only played a few rounds so far but the games feel a little more like forced hotdrops.

Half the time I dont even find a sight of any kind before multiple fights. Guess I gotta work on my iron sights shooting (a lot heh).

I worry that speeding the start up so fast could be especially hard for new players.

I did get into games faster though and there was certainly no lull in the midgame, since there was no mid game lol.

Definitely made the games more action packed for lower pop lobbies so seems like a very good change overall. I just gotta get used to it I think.


6 FPS All low HD With gtx 960M?
NOT ACCEPTABLE! I WANT A REFUND! Even PUBG runs better that this! and i acctualy love PUBG unlike ION too much waiting in lobby for find a match!


i have a problem finding a game its a really good balanced game its just new and no one wants to give it a chance 6fps sounds like a different issue then just the game i get 300 fps all day long on islands and streaming its a good game just has some kinks that need worked out


i have sli 1080ti


so ya bout 280ish is wat i get


:ok_hand: excellent


The changes look great for the low playercount lobbies. Faster queue times, smaller starting zones, but probably not enough ammo. Any easy fix would be to spawn in even more of those drones and load them up with loot.


Once again, the devs isn’t addressing the issue with HDD users, I don’t know why but they should so people don’t have to continuously use the forums saying “loading takes forever”


Guys, game is dying. No jokes, it’s a best battle royal game. No buidling shit, quick action, fast zones.
Do something, start creating free week-ends. Add guns, attachments, grips, muzzle brakes, flash grenades.

Near future of the game is not very positive if you will continue the same passive rhytme.


THANK YOU SO MUCH duos was unplayable for players in between norm and pro due to the stupid ass kill trading


This is far from a negative review just stating some “cons” or suggestions, I love this game I’m just sad it’s missing a few components that would make it AMAZING. I know you devs are consistently busy, and for that I thank you guys for your hard work. 1st and foremost I feel as if you guys should have events or a “list of hope” things that you’re hoping to add (whether or not you add them, some people need hope these days because negativity is all they see) 2nd, here’s the huge list:
(Thank you devs if you ACTUALLY read this btw)

Pros to this game include it’s inventory system. I love the fact that you can switch stuff without opening your inventory. It’s map system. I love the fact that you can always tell whether or not you are in the safe zone. It’s feel, I like the sci-fi feel of the game. It’s practice range, while limited it can help you become familiar with it’s weapon system.

The Cons aka “Opportunities.”

  1. There is no lean.
  2. In the warmup there are low grav zones but in the actual game nothing like this exists.
  3. Players are too squishy. Please add different armor levels or make armor way more effective.
  4. I know you’re probably on this but more weapons will definitely make it more fun.
  5. Add vaulting please, it creates too many campers.
  6. This game was huge for a week on twitch which garnered you millions (in sales I am sure) for an Early Access game. Hire more people to fix it or you’re just provijng you have no intention of finishing this game. (I should know I only bought it because of it’s flueint popularity on twitch. Now I feel cheated.)
  7. Not sure if you want 50 people but 50 people is too low intensity. unless if you make a smaller map.

This game is amazing, I spent 5 hours playing it when I first bought it. The loading times for matches were quick and that made it fun.We just need a little more hope from you devs. In other words, we need to know you actually care about us (even though you guys definitely have a life of your own) but its business, am I right?


this is not pubg lol


Please don’t implement leaning or vaulting abilities. It destroys playability and result in hitbox problems.
Keep up the good work!