Early Access Patch Notes - 1.7


Hi all,

We’ve pushed a small patch which includes a variety of bug fixes and a few gameplay changes based on feedback we’ve received over the weekend. Thank you all for the bug reports and constructive feedback!

Note: we are still working on fixing a lobby crash which led to the delay of our IoN Open Tournament. If you are experiencing this crash, try disabling your onboard graphics card completely (not your dedicated card). This should hopefully resolve the issue in the meantime. Thanks for your patience!

Patch Notes

Gameplay changes

  • Removed nano med requirement on teammate revive

  • Changed starting weapon from Desert Eagle to M9A1 for the Assault class (until we have more classes)

  • Nano meds and fusion grenades cannot be scrapped any more

  • Added quick scrap binding to scrap items in-game (defaults to middle mouse button)

  • Tweaked color and glow intensity of shield

  • Ctrl+Click doesn’t scrap items any longer in the inventory (middle mouse button still works)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed crash when trying to load steam items
  • Fixed shotgun not firing the first bullet after upgrading
  • Fixed magazines filling to twice the correct amount when upgrading weapons in training area
  • Fixed some DataAssets so all skins should now show the correct Rarity/Promotional Set
  • Fixed weapon upgrades causing the inventory to close and playermovement to be interrupted


Removed discord marketing and try something global .


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