Early Access Patch Notes - Hotfix 1.1


UPDATE #2: The patch is now live and has been renamed to Hotfix 1.1. Performance has not only been stabilized but improved after finding and patching an issue with the inventory player model that was causing a persistent drop in framerate after being opened the first time in a match. It has since been removed from the in-game inventory for the time being. Additional changes we’ve made are:

  • Removed framerate cap from Main Menu

UPDATE: We have reverted back to 1.0.9556 (previous version) due to reports of unstable performance. We are investigating and will update to 1.0.9685 once we believe any performance issues have been resolved.

Hey everyone,

With the release of Islands of Nyne finally out on Steam Early Access we’ve been trying our best to address any major and minor hiccups reported by our amazing community. It’s been quite a roller-coaster of emotions for the team, our spirits are high and we’re absolutely loving the content you guys have been putting out so far in addition to the general reception of the game by the public. Playercount is healthy and stable, our matchmaker issues should be smoothed over and you should be getting into full games immediately. Battleye has been doing some great work for us as well, always-vigilant, and unrelenting when it comes to cheaters (and this patch should address a lot of the modified ini. file hacks we’ve been seeing). The future is looking bright for The Dome and we’ve got plenty more in store for you over the coming weeks. We’re not going anywhere. You guys have always been and will always be the fuel behind the game, and we’re extremely excited to continue to evolve ION into something we can all continue be proud to stand behind and support. With that said, lets get into these patchnotes shall we?


  • Fixed game launching into borderless mode when displaying Fullscreen in settings

  • Locked out ini settings that were being exploited

  • Fixed squad members receiving 0 placement score if they died before the squad is out of the game

  • Fixed an issue with the dynamic circle system that could lead to slower-than-intended match pace in some situations

  • Enforced min engine settings to prevent exploits like shooting through buildings

  • Added a Vsync option in settings

  • Set max framerate in main menu to 60 to take some load off GPU while idling

  • Escape now closes the inventory when inventory is toggled

  • Waiting times for full lobbies in prequeue are reduced

  • Nano meds will now always be consumed [bug]

  • Drones have smaller collision boxes to avoid creating an invisible wall when shot down

  • Damage points are now aligned with actual amount of damage dealt. In exchange, points for kills have been lowered a bit


  • Fixed getting stuck in Ancient Forest Trees when crouching up against them

  • Fixed swimming under the map in places

  • Fixed hole in Beam you could fall through


  • Fixed a bug where it was possible for a server to become a different gamemode (solo to duos, duos to squads, etc.)

  • Fixed an issue where a leader leaving their party behind would cause the party to get thrown into an incorrect server when queuing up

  • Fixed an issue where if you didn’t immediately find a game there was a chance your party would get thrown into a solo server regardless of party size

Skins and Steam Marketplace

  • Set Alpha Invitational Skin to non Marketable and non Tradeable

  • Set Caramel Camo to Marketable

  • Set Petal Predator to Marketable

  • Set KS Backer/Immortal Skins to Marketable and Tradeable (will be tradeable indefinitely)

  • Added Weapon types to KS Backer and Immortal Skins that shared the same name with others to avoid displaying the wrong item in inventory (for example: KS AK47 Backer)

  • Added Armor types to Armor Skins to avoid displaying the wrong item in inventory (Chest, Legs, Arms and Helmet)

  • Corrected Nebula Meltdown Icon Graphic from Abducted to Limited

PC hard crashes when in lobby



Nice. Good job on the fixes about the exploits.

Just a question: any news about the frozen loading screen?


Exciting to see all the issues, that were clearly apparent, being taken care of! Great Work!!


Is the right click bug going to be fixed in the next patch? I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten killed switching to knife while being scoped, and then not being able to run.


PLEASE fix the toggle scope bug. It slows us down and gets us killed!

Justice for togglers!


No fix for the disappearing ammo glitch? D;
Super fustrating


This hotfix has dropped my FPS SIGNIFICANTLY, almost 20-30 frames even when settings are changed to all Low. Was originally hovering around 60-70 with some drops to 40-50 with most GPU heavy settings on Ultra(Textures, View Distance, etc.) and everything else on Low. Currently unplayable in it’s current state for me. Averaging 30-40 fps with dips to 20 constantly.

FX 8350
GTX 1060 6gb
16gb DDR3


Indeed, a lot less FPS after the hotfix, im getting around 15% 20% less.


Yea it’s almost unplayable it’s worse than it was at launch please hot fix this ASAP


I am looking forward to the next update with an increase in TTK.


This just means that we can’t set engine settings lower than minimum, but does not break up to that point?


In regards to this part:

Locked out ini settings that were being exploited

Does this mean we shouldnt alter any ini settings or can we still use some of the ones spread here to help improve performance?


Is the loading screen freeze glitch fixed??? I hope it is i am installing the game again rigth now


@Define_Logan Some players(like me) still have “no currency and no rank” problem. I played for hours and didn’t get any currency or rank, those spots are empty on main menu. We want a fix and a compensation for all those hours without currency or rank, please help us. Thank you.


wondering the same, i dont wanna use the settings if its considered cheating.


The freezing loading screen glitch is still not fixed!!! Devs arent doing **** i want my money back!! Im tired i had such hopes for this game man… Someone tell me is this going to be fixed soon or not?? At this point you are only taking the money of the people :pensive::expressionless:


Sounds nice.
But… is it allowed to change the engine.ini data? Can someone tell this? :o:


Good bye then. The .ini was abused like hell and it was very frustrating to see people shoot me and my squad through walls, if it isn’t running on all low and rednering scale 75% it’s definitely your pc that needs to change. The performance of ION isn’t perfect yet, but the .ini file needs to be locked away.


You are so awesome! PUBG needs a 6 GB update and more than one month to bring new bugs to the game and now look what you reach in 2 days. Great work and keep it up!