Early Access Patch Notes - Hotfix 1.1


First game after this hotfix and i can say FeelsGoodMan :handshake:


Do helmets no longer show the green marker for the zone or turn your compass green when you are safe? I did not see this in the patch notes so i don’t know if its a bug or was intended but just not put in here.


It would be great if you could do something with the repeated Skins. Because they came out in the boxes of the version I bought in the alpha. that’s not cool


You can scrap them for credits or list them on the market


same problem for me

Intel Core i7-920 @ 2.67 GHz [D0] (stock)
Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64-bit
DirectX 11.1
nVidia Drivers 398.36

Hitachi Deskstar P7K500 320GB, C:\ Windows Drive
Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000.C 1TB, E:\ Games Drive

There is done a nice FPS boost after Hotfix 1.1. NO need for the Engine.ini anymore, thanks. Been now on 40~70 FPS with better graphics. Still when I am on about 60 FPS it looks like my screen stutters as VSync was enabled. Kinda sucks.

All my Settings are on Low/Disabled except View Distance which is on Ultra.

Also the loading times into matches are way too high now, I have yet started in already running matches for past 3 games in a row.

No chance to equip weapons since the ground is already filled up with players. Additionally that landing lag I all the time have for like 2~3 seconds.

Issue that crates, gibs, weapons etc aint be spawned still exists. Yes I own HDD drives and probably wont buy any SSDs within next months, except you gonna give me 500 EUR for 2 SSD Drives. You should btw announce it on the Steam Store for “Recommended System Reqs” that SSDs are preferred.

These insta-kills from behind is still pretty frustrating, especially when fully equipped with gear, armor, shield and full HP.

Cheater seem to have increased!!

Map/Path Indicator not shown on compass when weraing the Helmet.

Plasma Field shrink too fast now, faster than before Hotfix 1.1. Maybe it is due to the new re-locations of save zones. Their distance to old and new border nearly exponantially increased.

Sako roxx!! Especially with x6 Scope and Silencer cough-coughElitecough-cough

Had a game in where only Pistol Silencer were spanwed, even next to each other and on other locations. On next game only x6 Scopes all around. On a 3rd game only Shotgun Silencer. I guess the randomizer is a bit messed up.


I was like why can I not run. It also sometimes happens if you go to throw a knife and then right click to cancel the knife throw action.


Can you fix LOADING SCREEN? Would be nice to drop with everyone…


Latest Hotfix 1.1 fixed FPS performance issues, but I had just joined a running match again. Never been that worse yet.


The loading time, when a match has been found (immediately btw), is way too high.

No any chance to grab any weapons etc pp…


While ludicrously running since Hotfix 1.1, there was a drop in my path. I exchanged my Sako with a Sako Elite of course.

My Sako had the Silencer and the x6 Scope equipped.

While exchanging I took an other x6 Scope which was inside that drop but I was searching where my older Sako Sniper Rifle had been dropped to equip its Silencer, searched for about 10 seconds without success. I wasnt able to find it. It was gone!!

I had to run away.

While running I saw that my freshly equipped Sako Elite already had a Silencer equipped. WTF??!

I died for my first time within the Plasma Field.

Since Hotfix 1.1, this crap is too fast.

Since Hotfix 1.1 @ ION’s current state, even 50 players are too much…!! How will be 100 players working?! haha…


It is like enemies are invisible at all.

I am out of here until a next BattlEye, your Anti-Cheat, or even a next game update applies.

Even Counter-Strike: Source is easier. You can do one-shots in CSS/UT too, but this here has gone a dozen times worse since 1.1.

Nice FPS upgrade, but gameplay gone worse.


@Agge83 This was basically pre-alpha when they released it. You’re buying a game in early access for the discount and/or early gameplay and expecting no bugs? They’re working as fast as they can and doing better then, say, PUBG at getting things done just give them time. It’s only been a week and it could be a year before they have everything worked out.




Is the loading screen glitch fixed? Please someone reply


Since 2 days ago my game doesn’t show me the updated hud when i get the helmet? it used to update my hud with a colored compass and marker to where i need to go but thats not shown anymore… can someone explain this to me?


HUD was broken in the latest update, or they decided to remove it. Hopefully it comes back soon.