Early Access Patch Notes - Hotfix 1.2


Hi everyone,

Our 2nd hotfix is in! With Islands of Nyne having been out on Early Access for a little more than a week we’re trying our hardest to address any bugs, big or small, that are impacting your gameplay experience. Our PR team, volunteer testers, QA team, and us Devs are in the trenches pulling as much feedback and player reports as possible and addressing them as quick as we humanly can. For the most part, this patch should stitch up some of the more obvious issues that we’ve seen around the Dome. There are still some rare edge case bugs out there that we’re currently investigating, but rest assured we’ll be killing those off soon enough. In addition to balance tweaks, optimizations, and bug fixes, we’ll also be rolling out more content over the next few weeks. With that in mind, we’ll be working on getting an experimental test server up and running that allows anyone to jump in and offer feedback on any new features or changes that are currently in a WIP state. I for one am definitely excited to get that going.

Many of you have also been asking when we’ll start to support and grow ION’s competitive scene. The potential is IMMENSE and we know it! It’s what we’ve been shaping this game around since day 1. However, before we get our private servers and 3rd party matchmaking setup we want to first make sure the game is completely stable and devoid of any hiccups or exploits that could heavily impact competitive play. We don’t have a timetable on when that will be, but we will be closely monitoring gameplay and exploit/bug reports to gauge when ION is in an acceptable state for competitive play. Please also be aware that we’re still investigating an issue where servers can hang for a short period of time directly after dropping in. It’s at the top of our list!

Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed helmet not providing HUD enhancements

  • Fixed not being able to sprint after switching weapons when using toggle aim

  • Fixed disconnect while spamming slow blood loss when being revived

  • Fixed downed (but not out) players not counting as kills on victory

  • Fixed knife material issues on Cauterize skin

  • Fixed equipped skins still equipped on character in-game even after they’ve been sold or scrapped

  • Added refresh button to item inventory

Exploit Fixes

  • Fixed exploit where a user could cancel the drop in animation

  • Fixed exploit where a user could cancel long fall animation

  • Fixed a possible exploit with the ranking system


  • Added incremental crate pricing with a weekly limit to prevent market saturation of items


  • Tweaked safezone deltas to reduce situations in which it becomes hard to outrun the plasma field


Good stuff in this patch and even more on the way! Great job everyone! keep it up!


Excellent and swift. Thank you!


Excellent, thank you!


The most important one.

I’m a bit sad at the incremental pricing though. No more grinding for crates…


It’ll make duplicates more valuable in the long run though. Theres at least that. I did enjoy the non pubg crate system though.

Edit: Really hope the chance at getting rarer items is tweaked to reflect the fewer amount of crates we’ll be getting.



Wow really great fixes! So glad they fixed the hud glitch with the helmet :wink:




This did not address the loading screen issue…
Better be fixed or you guys prioritize the dumbest shit


Sounds like a you problem.


Next loading screen and memory leak fix… maybe?


Lol nice one. Enjoy that client-side problem pal :wink:


Half the players are experiencing the same problems if you’re gonna act like this to other players that suffer these problems go on tumblr or reddit and talk to other people that don’t want this game to be fixed


Calm down josh, youre trynna start beef on a forum. .:joy::joy::joy:

Mod edit: lets not do namecalling


Great job!


Loading screen freeze fixed? If you ddint fixed it u guys are just toying with us.


Still no fix for no rank/no currency issue. I understand not all players have this, but still, there are lots of players who do have this annoying problem.


Ok - now just patch the landing fps issue, the fps drop issue, and the performance problems and youve got an amazing base game.


Couldn’t agree more about comp mode! Thanks for all your hard work ION team. Keep the updates and content coming!

Has the idea to add more or less players to games been tossed around? Thanks!


Many of you have also been asking when we’ll start to support and grow ION’s competitive scene. The potential is IMMENSE and we know it!