Early Access Patch Notes - Hotfix 1.2


I thought i had an issue with my game for a minute. lol – yeah glad it’s fixed.


Great work on the patch! Looking forward to see what comes of IoN. Been enjoying this game a lot! Keep up the great work everyone!



I appreciate all the hard work going into this game. I do wish the knife would materialize back a bit faster after throwing but it’s not anything I cant live with. Great job!


Not a fan of this during the early release phase, it would discourage players to play for credits once they have reached the crate limit for the week. Considering you need people playing & matches do not really hit 50 players for most of the time in OCE/SEA servers, i think its not the right time to implement this.


you should work on the platform itself i dont know about anyone else but when i load in it is very laggy and for the most part it is ok but sometimes it gets me killed when i am looking around it tears and lags


When do crates get reset? Any specific Day/Time?


ttly agree. to slow atm