early access


If I buy access to alpha for 30 $, do I get access to beta or later versions? And whether alphe can be played only on weekends?


Greetings kmilian,

You will get a key for the alpha which extends all the way until Early Access. At that point, you will get a new key in your email for the full Early Access version and skins/crates.

So far, it has only been announced that the alpha will be playable every weekend of February. We currently have no information on when the servers will be live beyond that point for Alpha.



I bought the game before even there was a game :frowning: Today you took away my alpha ,but how can i get my normal key? I didnt receve any keys on my e-mail plz help


Are you sure that you checked your promotions and spam folders? If you still can’t find it, please reach out to [email protected] with the email used to preorder the game.