*EDIT* Found answer: Game Disappears when ALT+TAB'd in fullscreen


Sorry, I found a similar post and see it is a known bug

When running the game in full screen, and I alt+tab out, the icon disappears from the Taskbar and I can’t alt+tab back into it. I can still hear it running in the background and the processes are all still running in Task Manager.

If I run the game in Windowed mode it works fine and I can navigate away from it and back in no problem.

AMD FX-4350
16gb DDR4
Geforce GTX 1060 6gb
Windows 10 build 1803

All drivers up to date
All Windows updates installed
Nothing funny in Event Viewer showing a crash/freeze
Verified Integrity of files already but have NOT tried a reinstall


This bug should be fixed shortly in an upcoming patch