ERROR:Connect to GameSparks failed


Hello i need help guys after the update i have the problem

ERROR:Connect to GameSparks failed

Steamforum 8-9 People same problem wtf its wrong?


Does this happen every time to launch the game? Also, were you having issues with credits spinning, etc prior to the last patch?


I start the game then come the error i close that and then show 2 pic i can start Training. Credits idk i use that not.

I start a solo match and then become a freeze.

i reapair this game and reinstall but same problem

Sry for my really bad English ^^


Try verifying your files: right click on Islands of Nyne in your steam library, properties, Local Files, Verify Integrity


I had already tried.
But same

Now i can play Solos but same error


I’m also experiencing the same issue. Please solve. Thanks.


idk why but now is all ok i play idk 10 Solos and ´10 Duos and i buy 1 case and bug is done.

Really strange


I’m also experiencing the same issue. Please solve. Thanks.


im having literally the exact same problem and have already verified the integrity of my files twice. i cant see my avatar i cant see anything in the customize field and i keep getting the error message telling me that ive failed to connect.


This is a known issue we are putting a fix in for the next patch. You can ignore the error. To get rid of it, just select an item in your inventory to save as a loadout. You can play, even though you get the error.



Just wanted to follow up after the recent patch, are you able to load up the game and let me know if the issue is fixed?


I’ve been playing almost daily since release and I am just now getting the error after the most recent patch.


Does it correct itself after relaunching the game @The_Crazy_Plum?


Oh god, i have same problem

Idk why but in guest mode i can play nd i don’t have this bug… But i don’t want to go in guest mode every times …