F2P Weekend + 1.5 Update



The f2p weekend has arrived and with it some new gameplay goodies that we’re finally excited to share! As revealed in a previous announcement we’re also dropping the price of Islands of Nyne from $24.99 to $9.99 until the foreseeable future. For anyone who subscribed to our tournament mailing list here and has been waiting for ION Open details and instructions on where to register, we’ll be sending you another email shortly on how to do just that. So keep your eyes peeled because slots will go quickly!

The F2P Weekend will run from Thursday 10am PST - Sunday @ 11:59pm PST

Thank You Package

First things first. We'd like to thank everyone who's already purchased ION with a little thank you gift that comes from the bottom of our hearts. We know it's been a turbulent ride through Early Access so far, but your dedication and support means everything to us. We'll be activating this Thank You DLC pack on all of your accounts automatically. There is nothing you need to claim or do, just enjoy the new skins! P.S. the AK47 Ember is our first animated skin... the embers glow!

Skin2Win BeamDrops

in every beam drop that spawns, there’s a 50% chance that a exclusive skinned weapon spawns inside of it!. Recognize these special skinned weapons by the pink glow surrounding them. Whoever loots it gets to unlock that skin forever… on one condition: you need to win out the match with it in your inventory. There are 10 different skins, 2 of each rarity- so yes, there is a chance it drops a legendary!

Scrap System

Dismantle unwanted items to generate scrap resource and upgrade your weapons! Use the buttons on the inventory screen or middle click on items to scrap them.

Weapons now can be upgraded with scrap up to Lvl 3. Each level improves your weapons following stats by a degree-

  • Aim Time
  • Reload Times (P90 excluded)
  • ADS Movement Speed
  • Hipfire Accuracy
  • Muzzle Speed
  • Rate of Fire
  • Headshot Damage

Keep in mind that there may be balance issues that we’ll be working on ironing out.

Armor & Shield Rework

We've removed armor loot (minus the helmet) and personal shields! Players will now spawn in with armor already equipped with a regenerative shield on top. Your feedback will be extremely valuable here as we're hoping this will fix a lot of the inconsistent TTK issues present in previous builds. Let us know your thoughts!

Plasma Projector

The first class gadget is now available, use it to launch plasma projectiles with a huge knockback or project a shield in front of you (alt fire). Ensure that your Equip Gadget key is bound in settings!

While our initial goal was to release three classes at once, we’ve decided it’s a better idea to release one class at a time. While a class system with a single choice is not actually a class system, the main reason for adding the class system is that it provides us design space for adding interesting gadgets to the game. In this first iteration we are focusing on the assault gadget (plasma projector) which provides both defensive and movement options. The Support and Scout classes are almost ready to go and will be released shortly after, once they have received similar amounts of polish and testing.

Rewards with each Level

Leveling and XP now does something! With every level you climb, you’ll now unlock either a weapons or armor crate. With every 5 levels you climb, you’ll unlock either a weapons or armor ELITE crate- those give you a higher chance of dropping a rarer item and have all the common items removed (which I’m sure you have enough of by now). Happy leveling!

Purchase Skins with Credits + New Skins in Store

We’ve added yet another way of earning more skins without paying a dime! For those of you who are sick of purchasing crates and have a dragon’s horde of credits amassed, well, your hoarding has paid off (lookin at you @s_gameface) because now you can purchase specific limited skins with in-game earned credits from the Rewards screen!

We’ve also swapped out the items in the Store for 6 brand new lovely looking weapon skins. Credits go to our amazing in-house artists @jpeck and @ThunderMare for their incredible work.

Enjoy your weekend!

We hope you enjoy the new goodies and gameplay additions. We’re always looking for feedback so please don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments or on the forum if you have any suggestions or input on any of the new features. For those of you wondering where the hoverboards are, we’ll be delaying those until next patch as they still need a little more love before we sign off on them. Enjoy the loot and we’ll see you in the dome!

More Notes

  • All stats wiped!
  • Updated UI for Item Store
  • Updated UI for Rewards: Added support to purchase weapon skins
    *Acogs are now only compatible with Lvl 3 AK and MK18, CX4 Storm, and Sako
    *6x Scope is now only compatible with Lvl 3 CX4 Storm, and Sako
  • Updated UI for Match Report to include Rewards (Skin2Win and Level Rewards)
  • VFX and SFX implementation for the new Plasma Grenade
  • VFX and SFX implementation for the new Plasma Shield
  • Added and implemented VFX for the Upgrade Weapon System
  • Added Assault Gadget to class
  • Added Assault perks
  • New HLOD System
  • Level bugfixes
  • Gameplay bug/crash fixes.
  • Lighting Rework
  • Created Create Match and Join Match UI
  • Updated Play Match button to show custom matches
  • Updated player stats in HUD menu
  • Updated observer player UI to show new shield UI
  • Added UI to allow weapon upgrades
  • Changed Inventory UI anchors to properly scale to skewed aspect ratios
    Made improvements to vertical audio
  • Added new shield sounds for personal shield
  • Added new sounds for grenade launcher
  • Added new sounds for Deployable shield
  • Added new ui sounds for scrap and shield system
  • Added sound for picking up scrap
  • General mixing and overall volume improvements.



holy shit.



Haha crap that I already dismantled a ton of doubled items. Could use them now. :smiley:


When are you gonna fix the HDD problem?


can you please fix it so that we can market the skins we bought? for some reason all the knives and golden ak’s i bought from the market are NO LONGER marketable… some of us enjoy playing the skin economy/market. AND WOULD NOT HAVE BOUGHT 20 OF THESE ITEMS if they weren’t tradable/marketable. Basically you are leaving me stuck with an inventory of stuff I can’t use/sell…


This all looks amazing, appreciate all the work put in. Time to get back into this game after 3 months of waiting :slight_smile: .


It’s been months. I may try out a little since I’ve already spent $30 on this damn game. But really not getting my hopes up since you killed previous player base with just “future update” talks of and now everyone left.


awesome keep going ,
enjoying this version while lots ppl playing in this weekend


Is new skins (Deagle Fractal and P90 Planescape) sellable on steam market?