F2P Weekend


Hi this is my first time posting in this forum but I think this should be seen by the developers. I know many people (especially in the H1Z1 community) that would love to try your game but they always can’t justify spending $25 for another BR when they can play H1 or Fortnite or RoE for free. I propose that when you guys are ready to push the next humongous update to live servers with a lot of new content you have at least a free to play weekend and then pay streamers like shroud to promote the patch. If all goes well I can see that a lot more people will pick up the game. The game doesn’t even have that bad of a reputation so it has the possibility to be saved but you have to do it the right way and I believe having a F2P weekend or free download forever for the weekend would really help make the game playable. I hope you guys see this and take it into consideration.