February 3rd Patch Notes


Alpha Wave 15 has begun and with it some hefty improvements to performance, weapon handling, and shooting mechanics as well as added a new offline Training mode where you can practice with any weapon you please. Oh yeah, we’ve also added the new p90 firearm to give the UMP-45 a run for its money as favorite SMG in the dome. Full patch notes below!

EDIT: We’re including February 4th’s hotfix here as well to consolidate this weekend’s patch notes into one list.

February 4th Hotfix:

  1. Middle safezone stage added to allow players more time to get to final safe zone (total of 3 safezones instead of 2 now)
  2. Prequeue timer continues to countdown when 50 player limit has been met instead of starting BR instantly (this should drastically reduce the amount of late load issues occurring - bots spawning, unable to maneuver during drop, other funky struff when landing)
  3. Using items/weapons interupts sprint instead of blocking actions

Still being investigated- some players are reporting large framerate drops where there shouldn’t be. Performance and optimization is something we are always working on and it’s been the main focus for the past few waves. We are currently looking into recent reports of inconsistent framerate and will be making that our #1 priority moving forward.

February 3rd Patch Notes:


  • Added P90 SMG
  • Added new training mode and map
  • Added ability to mute squad mates
  • Added recoil reset mechanic
  • Added weapon aim down sights animation
  • Added weapon fire animation
  • Added points based ranking system (unfinished WIP)
  • Added construction site area near Harbor


  • Updated recoil patterns for all weapons and added recoil reset
  • Replaced main menu background level
  • Adjusted weapon handling to feel more responsive and less obtrusive on screen
  • Various Texture updates and Shader-optimizations throughout the map.
  • Overhauled weapon sensitivity sliders and added advanced tab to adjust sensitivity for all zoom levels
  • Changed loading screen image
  • 2D footstep sprint sounds are now synced to sprint animation
  • Changed skydiving animation
  • Overhauled observer cam UI and control scheme
  • Scrolling mouse wheel now only scrolls through firearms
  • Removed Auto Chamber option from Sako
  • Scalability tuned to provide a bigger boost in framerate when set to low settings
  • Rotated dynamic crosshair
  • Bigger map
  • Map now opens in center of screen during drop sequence for better readability
  • Changed sprint animations for all weapons
  • Anatomical Improvements to character model
  • Compass markers are now aligned to actual degrees and fade out near the edges.
  • Changed Mk18 gunshot sounds


  • Various grenade fixes
  • Various crash fixes
  • Various level design fixes
  • Fixed last weapon key not switching back to the correct weapon.
  • Fixed teammate info disappearing when far away from each other