Feedback for this Patch


Hey there my Name is Haze,

im the Leader of Severity.

Im trying to put out Feedback based on a Comp. Aspect but be sure to have some Adjustments for New Players aswell.

Im not going into the Training Mode Issues as @PapelHigienico
already covered all of that.

The First thing i wanna talk about is the Skill Curve i feel like it just got Deleted this Patch.

Before it u where supposed to HS with MK + AK to have fast and good Kills wich required proper Aim.

After the Patch a LVL. 3 AK does 50 DMG in 2 HS - wait what? How is that bringing the Skill Cap u do the same dmg on the Chest as on HS there is no need to go for the Head anymore…

and even if its because of a Tank Class than make the Shield bigger for the Tank Class but Doubletaps with Lvl. 3 AK and MK should always be a Kill.

Second Off the Gadget it basically just pushes u doesnt it?
Thats fine DMG and the Push of it are totally balanced but the Shield is completely useless its not even a 3 Second Shield wich means u gotta think about the Weapon Switch Times its just not worth it at all.

Decrease the Grenade Spawn and Increase the Med Spawn specially if u play Safe u have an AR or SMG but no Meds.

and tbh who needs 48 Grenades in Pirate Lake and yes we counted. Grenade Spawns are just way to high i know u encourage us to use them but thats way to much.

The Next thing i wanna talk about is Scrap its a nice Idea to slow down Games, but its not Balanced lvl. 2 300 okay i get it thats fine.
Lvl. 3 1200 wait what u need to loot ~8 Houses or kill 3-4 People full eq for that its just Insane, reduce the Scrap for lvl. 3 to 600-800 pref. 750 this would be balanced. Specially regarding Multi Ups, like get 600 Scrap upgrade 2 Weapons and than kill People so u got 1500 Scrap and u can upgrade 2 Weapons thats balanced than.

Also regarding the Scrap System there are no Numbers anywhere what exactly Changes add that please its important to know what u exactly get for using ur Scrap.

And last but not least fix the Storm its supposed to be a DMR a DMR is technically a Sniper and u cant put a Sniper Silencer on it, either make it so it can equip both or make it so it can equip Sniper Silencers.

Thanks for Reading and i hope most People agree with me regarding the Stuff i mentioned.