Feedback, ideas & bugs encountered


Here are just a couple of things & Ideas I would possibly like to be explored in the near future for the game, due to the drastic change in TTK also.

Bugs :

you will not be able to move after using a jump pad & then using your gedget right before you land. clip | here |

the sako will do +0 damage from medium range specifically for some reason. clip | Here |

if you open the inventory too many times, you won’t be able to scrap for around 5 seconds if you close the inventory. sowwy no clip for this one, happens fairly often anyway

After upgrading your weapon, the fire mode will change back to Auto. Would prefer the fire rate to be the same way the player left it before upgrading.

suggestions & ideas because of the new changes :----------------------------------------------------

Because of the shield & everybody having armor from the beggining. the amount of headshots you need to do to take someone down is a little to much I believe, I would do the following changes :

Deagle = 1 headshot kill on LVL 3 as it is a difficult gun to handle.

mx4storm = 2 headshot kill with everything on the enemy player max : helmet, max shield regenarated, full HP. To me it felt like 3 headshots with a LVL 3 mx4storm to kill is abit ridiculous if you are trying to be skillful and accurate.

OR… change the primary shield amount by half HP or better yet have it as a 1 time use item that you have by default. You can find more of them around the map as a rare item or in pods. This way players starting the match will have an extra layer of HP, but for the beginning only.

OR… increase base damage on every level of every weapon. lvl 2: 12.5% lvl 3: 25%: - this could be a good work around for the armors & shields . (keep in mind I’m not sure if they already do that, but for me it seems like it’s not)

make the plasma gadget that propel you more when you jump + shoot on the ground to rocket jump higher if timed right.

other suggestions:

You should not need a med to revive a teammate : this honestly makes playing with friends a giant hassle. because you only have 3 slots for meds & you often won’t have any in the first place. I believe this is making players not want to play due to this annoyance. Maybe make it so that you can heal someone using a med as an alternative… but it increases revive speed & more health upon revival

This one might sound weird but could be cool:

Deathmatch mode in the Beam area : I know it sounds a little silly since this is primarily a BR. but it would be cool to have a deathmatch mode in that area as it has a lot of verticality & is really big. I kept having that in my mind while being there, always wishing there were more people over there. Could be a nice starting point also for new players?

Melee with weapons : doing 15% less damage than knives. something like that.

Anyway that’s about it from the top of my head right now. But I’ll probably add more in the near future. Hope some of this was interesting or helpful.


Bug : When alt tab the game from steam it loses the screen , the process is running but you lose access to game screen and have to close steam and re-open.


Hey friends,

Thank you for the bug reports and suggestions! I’ll pass them along.